Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sick baba!

I've had a sick little man the last couple of days so I had to miss my hospital appointment for my light treatment yesterday.  Ryan only wanted his mammy so I couldn't ask anyone to mind him when all he wanted was to snuggle up with me! I brought him to the doctor so he's got tonsilitis again the poor pet!  Hopefully he'll be back to himself in a few days time, I hate when the lads are sick, its awful and I wish I could be sick instead of them!

Aaron is settling back into school really well thank god, he doesn't mind going at all!  He's got a new teacher but most of his friends are still in his class so he's happy!

Its my mammy's birthday on Saturday so I have to make a cake on Friday for her but not sure what I'm making yet!  I picked up some new decorations in Tesco this morning, about bloody time they got some new stuff in!  G wants me to make a 'layer cake' for him, you know the ones with a pink, yellow and white (i think its called neopolitan, is it??!!) layer of cake so I may google a recipe because I don't know if the colour is just food colouring or an actual flavour!

Here's some photos of my makeup from the last couple of days, hope you like it!

Catrice "Don't Drive and Dive" eyeshadow, half price in the chemist as its been discontinued!.... L to R: without a base, with Elf Primer and  Mac Sharkskin shadestick

My favourite purple Inglot eyeshadow.... Top to bottom: Mac Sharkskin shadestick base, Elf Primer and no base

Dark smokey look using my Inglot Palette!

Bright pink  lips!

My sister thinks this foundation is as good as her Mac one!

What I used for my bright pink lips!

Catrice "Blues Brothers Vol II" - LOVE it! 

Mac Violet and Blondes gold pigments with Urban Decay purple eyeliner and Essence liquid liner


  1. Love the really dark smokey eye. Hope your son gets better very soon

  2. Ohh those blues are fabilis! And love the pink lips! I'm a wagon for bubblegum pink!

  3. @The Make-up Fairy............ Thank you very much! I love dark smokey makeup!! Ryan is still under the weather and now Aaron is sick too so its GREAT here at the minute! :(
    @Rachelle..... Thank you so much! I love pink lips but not so brave at wearing it out of the house!!