Friday, September 2, 2011

Long time no blog!

Well, I haven't blogged in 3 weeks!  G was on his holidays from work for 2 weeks and although we didn't go away or anything, I just didn't seem to have any time to myself to do anything!  We went on plenty of walks and a load of us went up to the waterpark in Funtasia in Drogheda which was a great day (after all of my worrying about my skin, I didn't let it bother me once I got in there and was flying down the water slides like a looney!) and I'll do a separate blog on that at some stage!!  There was also 4 hospital trips in the 2 weeks for my PUVA and my skin is responding really well and I've even gone outdoors in a tshirt for the first time in over a year!  We went to Ikea one day after the hospital and it is HUGE!! Its actually a good job you pick up a map when you go in because you would easily get lost in there! We got a couple of bits but will definitely be going back again!  The food in the coffee shop was lovely and I was so hungry that I even ate the peas that you got with the fish and chips and I don't eat peas!
I done a lot of baking while G was at home, cookies, scones, coffee cakes and fairy cakes mostly! I had him spoiled really, didn't I!  Aaron went back to school yesterday morning and he couldn't wait to go so long may it last! He's in senior infants now and he's stretched up a couple of inches over the summer too!

So, I've been mostly using my Inglot palette every day with a bit of Catrice thrown in! Its my 31st birthday in a few weeks so I've asked G to buy me another Inglot palette so watch this space!!I haven't done my nails a lot lately because they've been very flaky and brittle! I have to start taking my vitamin tablets again and hopefully they'll start growing properly again soon for me because I miss my longer nails!  
I had put a ban on myself buying makeup a while back and while I wanted to go a month without buying anything I ran out of mascara after 22 days and HAD to buy some!! But I'm proud of myself for going that long!  Some days I think I have too much makeup and then other days I think I haven't enough!  
Catrice "Marilyn & Me"  A gorgeous red with glitter! Needed 3 coats but I love it!

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