Monday, May 23, 2011

Make Up photos and video!!!

Well, I finally got around to doing another video!!! Its uploading to Youtube at the minute and I'll add it in as soon as its done! I went out to dinner on friday night for my friend Stefanie's 30th birthday and although I was only out for a couple of hours I had a great time! We went to a chinese I hadn't been to before and although ordering the food was a bit like bingo (you had to add up how much of everything everyone wanted) it was lovely!! Then on Saturday Aaron had a birthday party for his friend Daniel from school and then Saturday night myself and G went to our friend Paddy's 30th birthday party! I'm going to post a photo of his brilliant cake that my wonderful friend Karina Healy made! Still kinda scary to think that we're not going to 21sts any more, all our friends are 30 now!!!
I had a mad notion Friday evening and cut a fringe into my longer wig - its a bit hard to get used to but I like it!  Aaron told me that I looked like Lady GaGa!! He still doesn't want me to collect him from school with short hair but I told him that I won't be wearing the wig for much longer and that a lot of women have hair that is really short!!
I've had a couple of horrible comments on my hairloss video on youtube - there sure are some weird people out there but to be honest it doesn't bother me, I just feel sorry for them!!
Manchester United lifted the Premier League trophy yesterday, it was great to see them lifting it again and it was a happy day here in the Geraghty house!!
Lastly - and maybe the most exciting news!!! - is that I have finally convinced G to get a puppy!!! Both of us had big dogs when we were younger so we're looking at getting a golden retriever! It'll be great for the lads to grow up with! We've looked at some pictures and will hopefully be going to see them soon!! :o)

I'm having some trouble uploading photos at the minute so I may add them in later because I'm using my sisters laptop and its as slow as a wet week!!!! :o)
Foundation on!

My DIY fringe!

Loads of Hair!!

Look at my eyelashes!! :)

New Barry M eyeshadows!

Using my new Barry M eyeshadows!!

My sister in law Edel, I done her make up for her cousins wedding!

G's aunty  Karen, I done her make up too!

Edel and Karen!

Edel and my beautiful niece Hannah!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Update!

Hey everyone!!
Just to let you know that my laptop has died a death because Ryan has been swinging out of the charger and broken it so I'm out of action until I get a new charger at the weekend! I've borrowed my sisters laptop for the minute but I've no photos or anything on it so I can't wait to get my own back!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow!!!

Well, where do I start??  Last weekend: A BRILLIANT weekend all round!  Avoca are the Intermediate League Champions 2011!!! On Sunday 8th May we beat Carnew 3-13 to 0-2 and the girls played a fantastic game!! Pics and write up here:
Next is the Championship which kicks off on 28th of June so I can't wait for that!!!  Really really proud to be part of such a fantastic team!!
Me & Kathleen!

Captain Hannah Fahy

Tanya and Hannah!

Then to top it all off, Man United beat Chelsea 2-1!

This weekend was even better! Haven't had a minute to scratch myself since Thursday!!
Thursday morning: had blood tests and ecg done because of my heart going fast on me.  The doctor said there was an extra couple of beats but nothing to worry about.  Should have the blood test results tomorrow so hopefully everything will come back ok!  Thursday afternoon I was back up in Vincents for my 6 month check up after my operation with my doctor Ms Rothwell who was very pleased with me so I have to go for a mammogram in October and then back to her in November.
Friday was my lovely godson Shaun Roche's confirmation and we had a great day, even the rain couldn't put a dampener on it! Aaron came out after school and spent the day on the bouncy castle so he had a ball!
Saturday: Manchester United drew 1-1 with Blackburn Rovers which means that we are the CHAMPIONS for the 19th time!! Whoop Whoop!!!!! Then G played in the Charlie Byrne cup final with Conary United against Charlesland and they won 3-0! My cousin Stephen and uncle Eddie both scored and the lads played great! G got knocked out but got up and played on like the soldier that he is! They went out last night after the match and he's suffering today big time between pains from the match and the hangover!!!
Jedward didn't win the Eurovision but they done us proud, its all a fix anyway - they will have to do something about the voting system or people are going to stop watching it!
Absolutely wrecked today and am going to bed as soon as I've finished this!  Didn't get dressed or put make up on today until about 3pm when we went for a walk to the park. Had a lovely chinese and some chocolate - yum yum!!!!!
Conary United!

I wore some individual false lashes to the confirmation! This picture isn't great so will try add more from the camera tomorrow!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a few pics!

Friday again and its been another busy day!! Doctors appointments, getting photos printed out, bringing Aaron to school and collecting him and a trip to McDonalds!
I went to the doctor because my heart has been going fairly fast now and again so I've to get some blood tests and an ECG done.  Also I'm going to be referred to my dermatologist because my psoriasis is really bad so that will mean more trips to Vincents (as if I'm not up there enough already!!)
So I put the shatter polish on top of yesterdays blue nails and its amazing how the different colours turned out! I bought the pink one in Dublin last week (the last one they had left!) and I'm hoping to get the blue and white online in the next week or two! 
My everyday box!!

Look at my hair go!! Whoop Whoop!

Would look better if taken with a camera, you can't see the colours very well here!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday again!!

Well, its Thursday again! I really don't know where the days are going, they're just flying by!!
Here's some pictures of my make up today and a couple of bits that I bought when I was away at the weekend.  I'm not wearing foundation so excuse the freckles!! I used my new Mac and Inglot eyeshadows and Essence lipstick.  My nail varnish is Barry M "blueberry" - I only noticed how patchy it was when I took the photos but its a great colour!!  My eyebrows are growing back really well and my eyelashes are starting to sprout again too thank god!! I just feel so weird looking in the mirror and not having any! My hair is coming along well too but I've LOADS of greys and can't dye it for another couple of months!! :(  I'm glad that I took loads of pictures of my head when it was bald because now I actually can't remember what I looked like when I had no hair!!

My new foundation!

 Big weekend coming up - camogie final and Man United vs Chelsea! Sunday is gonna be a nerve wracking day for sure!
And the champions league final coming up in a couple of weeks!
I bought my first ever jeggings today so I hope they look ok on me! Feel really tired today (more so than usual!) and can't wait til bedtime.  No matter how much sleep I seem to get these days it never seems like enough!
Hospital appointment next Thursday with Ms Rothwell who done my operation so hopefully she'll let me know what the next step is in getting some tests done.  I know you don't get the "all clear" for a few years but it'd be nice to know that there's no little bits eating away at your insides!!
My psoriasis is REALLY bad at the minute but I have a doctors appointment in the morning so I'm going to see if there's any new treatments out that I can try! Hopefully there will be something different for me to try because I've had every lotion and potion going at this stage!
Aaron is loving being back to school thank god and I love him being back too!! We fight like cats and dogs when we've been together non stop - we're too much alike!!
Well, I'm off to do another clean up - the kitchen is a mess again after me sorting it all out this morning, seems like the second Aaron is home from school and G comes home it looks like a bomb went off in it!! >:(

Monday, May 2, 2011


-Man United got beaten 1-0 today by Arsenal so not in the best of moods!!!! Getting beaten at this stage of the season is NOT GOOD!!!  Anyway, I done my sister in law Edel's make up today for a hen night she's going on... She was wearing a black and white polkadot skirt so we done black and white eyes!!  You can't see her eyelashes very well in this picture but they're REALLY long!! (touchy subject with me at the minute!!)

My sister's lovely Inglot palette!

My mini Inglot palette my sister bought me!

Down to my last couple of eyelashes!! But look at my eyebrows go!!

Inglot eyeshadow!!

So we finally went away to relax for a night!! We stayed in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Blanchardstown and the hotel was gorgeous!! I want a memory foam mattress after sleeping on one... so comfy!!
We done a bit of shopping (I bought a couple of nail varnishes, 2 Mac eyeshadows, a Mac lipstick and Estee Lauder Resiliance Lift foundation) and went to the cinema to see Fast and Furious 5 which was brilliant!! Vin Diesel, The Rock, Paul Walker & Tyrese - sure what more could you want??!!
Thank you to my lovely sister and mammy for babysitting by the way!!
We stopped at the O'Neills factory on the way home.  We hadn't been there for about 6 years or so and it wasn't as good as I remembered it being, was mostly Dublin stuff! I got Aaron a Wicklow top though!!
Only a week to go now til the camogie final!! Feeling sick at the thoughts of it, what would I be like if I was actually playing??
Just woke up to the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  My reaction is the same as when I heard Saddam Hussein was dead........ is it really him??? Who knows but lets hope so and hope that the world is going to be a more peaceful place from here on in!!