Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday again!!

Well, its Thursday again! I really don't know where the days are going, they're just flying by!!
Here's some pictures of my make up today and a couple of bits that I bought when I was away at the weekend.  I'm not wearing foundation so excuse the freckles!! I used my new Mac and Inglot eyeshadows and Essence lipstick.  My nail varnish is Barry M "blueberry" - I only noticed how patchy it was when I took the photos but its a great colour!!  My eyebrows are growing back really well and my eyelashes are starting to sprout again too thank god!! I just feel so weird looking in the mirror and not having any! My hair is coming along well too but I've LOADS of greys and can't dye it for another couple of months!! :(  I'm glad that I took loads of pictures of my head when it was bald because now I actually can't remember what I looked like when I had no hair!!

My new foundation!

 Big weekend coming up - camogie final and Man United vs Chelsea! Sunday is gonna be a nerve wracking day for sure!
And the champions league final coming up in a couple of weeks!
I bought my first ever jeggings today so I hope they look ok on me! Feel really tired today (more so than usual!) and can't wait til bedtime.  No matter how much sleep I seem to get these days it never seems like enough!
Hospital appointment next Thursday with Ms Rothwell who done my operation so hopefully she'll let me know what the next step is in getting some tests done.  I know you don't get the "all clear" for a few years but it'd be nice to know that there's no little bits eating away at your insides!!
My psoriasis is REALLY bad at the minute but I have a doctors appointment in the morning so I'm going to see if there's any new treatments out that I can try! Hopefully there will be something different for me to try because I've had every lotion and potion going at this stage!
Aaron is loving being back to school thank god and I love him being back too!! We fight like cats and dogs when we've been together non stop - we're too much alike!!
Well, I'm off to do another clean up - the kitchen is a mess again after me sorting it all out this morning, seems like the second Aaron is home from school and G comes home it looks like a bomb went off in it!! >:(


  1. Hey, I'm so glad to hear things are getting better for you. You are such a brave woman.

    How do you find the smashbox photofinish stuff? Is it worth the bucks?

  2. That is such a pretty blue!! What color are the e/ss?? Your eyes look so pretty!

  3. I only got the Smashbox primer yesterday so today is my first day wearing it!! Will let you know how it goes!
    The eyeshadows in the palette? They're Mac and top to bottom: Crystal Avalanche, Pink Freeze and Idol Eyes. The ones on my eyes in the picture are Pink Freeze, Idol Eyes and the black from my Inglot palette!