Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plastic Surgery!

Hey everyone, hope youre all keeping well! As many of you know, its just over a year now since I had my mastectomy and reconstruction done in St Vincents hospital.  I went to see my doctor/surgeon during the summer and she said that she would refer me to a plastic surgeon as my reconstructed boob is slightly 'square' shaped and while it doesnt bother me enormously obviously I would like to be able to wear vest tops and swimsuits or bikinis (if I win the lotto and have the money to go on holiday) and with any luck I will be around for at least another thirty years so I would like my boobs to have a nice shape! I seen the plastic surgeon in November and he said that he would be able to take some of the tissue out and give me a rounder shape. That's the first step in my plastic surgery, which will be taking place in 2 weeks time on Jan 27th. Its only a day operation so hopefully my recovery won't be too long! The only part I'm worried about is lifting Ryan and managing the buggy up and down the steps at home!
After the swelling etc has gone down I will be having another operation in which they will be giving me a new nipple! At the minute I have a patch of skin which was taken from my back where my nipple used to be.  To be honest I never really notice that I'm missing one!  After that operation I will have some surgery on my other boob (my good one!) as at the minute I have one hard one and one soft one so I will be getting an implant in my left boob to match them up! They're also slightly different sizes at the minute so I've opted to go for the bigger size of my reconstructed boob instead of my smaller real one so I can look forward to some bra shopping! Its going to be a busy few months for me surgery-wise and although I'm super nervous I'm also looking forward to getting my body back to the way it used to be! I suppose I'm getting the boob job I always talked about!
I know I should be really just thankful that I'm alive and here but I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be happy with how your body looks! I wonder if they would do a bit of lip on my mummy tummy while I'm knocked out? Hmmmmmm..........
Once again, thanks for reading!

DIY Nail Polish Round Two!

So, I wanted to use the fake Mac glitter pigment I bought on Ebay a couple of years ago (do NOT buy Mac off Ebay as 99 times out of 100 its fake!!!) and turn it into a nail polish.  It has bigger multicolour particles than the Bella Pierre glitter and I was really excited about trying out making my own polish again!

First, I took a clear polish.  I bought a Catrice quick dry and high shine topcoat as it had a couple of the little silver balls which would make it easier to mix up when shaking! It was €2.99 for 10ml so more or less the same price as the Essence polish.  I have no idea why the photo is sideways but you get the idea!!
Then I took my Mac glitter pigment ..... just look at the sparkles!!

Open the glitter and the polish, put a piece of paper down because there WILL be fallout!!

Using a piece of paper folded in half, pour some glitter into the bottle.  Add as much as you like but remember more glitter = more coverage in every swipe!

The glitter will fall to the bottom of the bottle.  Give it a good shake to wake it up!

Et voila! Your very own glitter polish!   I'm already thinking of my next one!

Now, you WILL need to give the glitter polish a good shake before you use it because the glitter will have settled at the bottom of the bottle but believe me, the sparkliness and glittertasticness (is that even a word??) is so lovely and will cheer you up on these dull days every time you look at your nails!  I'm gonna swatch this over some different colours to see what it works best on but I'm already thinking it would look fab over a black base! Woo hoo, fun times ahead!

DIY glitter nail polish!

I've been looking for a certain colour glitter polish for ages now but have never seemed to come across one that wasn't overly expensive! (I don't like paying a lot of money for nail polish as it never seems to last more than a day no matter what type of topcoat I use) So anyway, I decided to make my own! I had a couple of essence clear polishes in my collection and a Bella Pierre loose glitter stack that my sister bought me a few years ago and has never been used! I tipped some glitter in using a folded piece of paper as a funnel and gave it a good shake! I was really happy with how the polish turned out, the one thing you have to do before you use it is give it a good swirl around/shake it for a few minutes as all the glitter settles to the bottom but I honestly don't mind this as the result makes all the effort of shaking it worthwhile! I have a fake Mac glitter pigment which I'm gonna try next so I will post about that later!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My every day basket/makeup routine!

I thought I'd do a quick post on the makeup I use every day.  I generally leave a little basket on top of my train case and it has everything I need! I find it handy especially as I'm always in a hurry in the mornings trying to get everyone out the door on time! In the basket I have a little cup with my brushes in it, my CATRICE Concealer palette and CATRICE foundation (in the lightest shade of course! I'm super pale!) I use a CATRICE eyeshadow (now discontinued) to fill in my brows and lately I haven't bothered to wear eyeshadow during the week to save time, I usually just use the same shadow to do a quick line on my upper lid, stick on some eyeliner, mascara and blusher and off I go!
If I'm wearing eyeshadow I use my Too Faced shadow insurance or my Essence eyeshadow base.  At the minute I'm using Avon supershock gel eyeliner and I really love how black it is!  The mascara I'm using right now is Rimmel Scandaleyes and i have to say I'm not overly impressed with it but will keep using it til it runs out! I'm trying to avoid buying makeup at the minute!! I'm also using a CATRICE blusher (can you tell I love CATRICE?) And I really like the peachy pink colour of it, I find it gives me a healthy glow!
If its the weekend and I have some more time to get ready, I always pull out my Inglot palettes, I absolutely LOVE them!! I've posted about them several times in the past and am sure I will in the future too! I also love the Inglot Duraline which you can use to turn any eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner! You just put a drop on the back of your hand, mix in some shadow and bobs your uncle, gorgeous long lasting eyeliner!
I hope you've enjoyed this post on my everyday makeup, please feel free to ask any questions!

Friday, January 13, 2012

**closed** My first ever giveaway!

Hey everyone! So my blog is almost a year old now and I figured I'd do something nice for all of you who have followed my journey, this blog has really been a great place for me to say how I'm feeling, be it happy or sad and I appreciate you all being there for me!  I know that this isn't your regular beauty blog, its been about my health too and I thank you all for reading my posts!
I tidied up my make up stash today and found some stuff that I haven't yet opened or used and I thought I could pass them on to a better home! These are all items that I have purchased or paid for myself!
So, up for grabs we have a couple of Barry M dazzle dusts in shade 8 & 68, a boots 17 eyeshadow shade 'style queen', a set of coloured eyeliners, an eyeko fat balm, an Essence nail polish in the now infamous shade, 'blue addicted', a tesco lipgloss trio, an ELF nail polish, a mini Dove body wash and conditioner and a Guess bag (which I got free with some perfume a while back and just never got around to using!) I know its nothing majorly expensive or anything but hey, everyone loves a chance to get something for free right? I might pick up another couple of bits in the next couple of weeks and throw them in too or make a runner up prize!
Entering couldn't be easier, simply follow my blog, leave a comment on this post and your email address! One entry each and the winner will be chosen by! Its open internationally too!
The closing date for this competition will be Friday 3rd February at 6pm and I will announce the winner as soon as possible!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Testing, testing!

I finally got my Christmas present, the internet tablet I was looking for! I got a Toshiba one and even though I was kinda anxious about the whole touch screen thing I'm getting on great with it! I'm just trying out the blogger app on it which is why I'm posting this! I hope to be able to blog more often now that I have this, I'll be able to blog on the go!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new year!
Its 2012 and time for a fresh start! We've taken the decorations down and getting things back to normal in the Geraghty household! Aaron isn't back to school until Monday so we'll probably have killed each other by then!  Ryan is turning 2 on Sunday so we'll have to have a little party for the big man! And of course I'll have to bake him a cake! We had a brilliant christmas and of course santa brought lots and lots of stuff for the 2 boys! As usual I recorded them opening their presents and there was great excitement altogether! They both got a bike and Ryan got a slide which we have in the sittingroom and is giving them both great exercise!  I haven't gotten my present yet, I'm getting an internet tablet in the next couple of weeks and am hoping to pick up something nice for G too because I only got him some small bits and pieces for christmas!  There was only the 4 of us for christmas dinner which was nice, just me and my 3 boys sitting around the table!  As usual we were all sick! Coughs and colds all round! That didn't stop me eating the nicest dinner EVER cooked by G! I even tried stuffing for the first time ever and I absolutely loved it! I definitely think chemo has changed my taste buds, I'm eating things I would never have eaten before!  I started eating curry a few months ago and love that now too!
I just wanted to check in with you all and will hopefully get back to blogging properly at some stage, I just don't seem to have the time at all lately!