Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Round Two!

So, I wanted to use the fake Mac glitter pigment I bought on Ebay a couple of years ago (do NOT buy Mac off Ebay as 99 times out of 100 its fake!!!) and turn it into a nail polish.  It has bigger multicolour particles than the Bella Pierre glitter and I was really excited about trying out making my own polish again!

First, I took a clear polish.  I bought a Catrice quick dry and high shine topcoat as it had a couple of the little silver balls which would make it easier to mix up when shaking! It was €2.99 for 10ml so more or less the same price as the Essence polish.  I have no idea why the photo is sideways but you get the idea!!
Then I took my Mac glitter pigment ..... just look at the sparkles!!

Open the glitter and the polish, put a piece of paper down because there WILL be fallout!!

Using a piece of paper folded in half, pour some glitter into the bottle.  Add as much as you like but remember more glitter = more coverage in every swipe!

The glitter will fall to the bottom of the bottle.  Give it a good shake to wake it up!

Et voila! Your very own glitter polish!   I'm already thinking of my next one!

Now, you WILL need to give the glitter polish a good shake before you use it because the glitter will have settled at the bottom of the bottle but believe me, the sparkliness and glittertasticness (is that even a word??) is so lovely and will cheer you up on these dull days every time you look at your nails!  I'm gonna swatch this over some different colours to see what it works best on but I'm already thinking it would look fab over a black base! Woo hoo, fun times ahead!


  1. Oh that looks fab! I never thought of making my own glitter nail polish so will be trying it out

    1. Tweet me a photo if you make one, would love to see someone else's try at it! I love it though!

  2. this is amazing! I really wanna try this out

    1. I love it! Its just so sparkly and so easy to make!