Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wigging Out!!

My new wig arrived in the post this morning and I really like it!!!

Its nice change from the other one, its great looking at long hair again in the mirror!!  Still feels fairly itchy and uncomfortable though!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Write or not to Write!!

So, I'm half thinking of writing a book...... I've read a couple of books by people my age who've gotten breast cancer and I think I'd like to get my story out there too!!  I haven't posted any make up looks in a while but will try get back into it SOON!!  My psoriasis has been acting up lately and my eyebrows and nose look very flaky, team that with my drawn on eyebrows and it just gets me down altogether!!!
My tattoo is all healed up now so I thought I'd post a picture of it!!  Also my hair is coming back big time but you'll have to excuse the flaky scalp, I'm working on getting it cleared up so I can go wigless!!!

My lovely husband turned 31 yesterday so of course I had to make him a cake.......

I call it the "Gutbuster" due to all the calories in it!!! It tasted yummy but you wouldn't be able too eat much!!!  I'll post the recipe if any of you are interested in it!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sun is Shining!!!!!

Its great to see the sun shining!!!!  The sick men are now healthy again thank god!!
The St Patricks Day parade was a lot better than it has been the last few years and it stayed dry for a change!  

I'm going back up to hospital on Thursday to see my oncologist so she'll tell me what the next step is so hopefully things will get back to normal fairly soon!!
I went back training last night and really enjoyed myself - didn't overdo it or anything but it was great to get out and do a bit of running.  I didn't even know if I'd be able to swing a hurl any more and although I was a bit rusty I think I'll be ok!!
My hair is coming back more and more every day now, sooner the better I have enough to cover my head and I can stop wearing my wig!!  Aaron was looking at cartoons on TG4 this morning and he was amazed that they were in Irish and he even recognised a few words!!
Right, I'm off to go for a walk while the sun is out!!! Bye Bye!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Have had not 1, not 2 but 3 sick men in the house the last few days so I have hardly had time to eat, let alone do anything else!!! Great to see the sun shining, hopefully it'll stick around for the parade tomorrow!  I haven't been taking many pictures lately but will get back into it as soon as everyone is back to normal!!  I got my tattoo and will take some pictures once its healed up!  I hate it when its at the scabby flaky stage!!  
I went to watch my camogie girls last week and it was great to see them all in action and more importantly, winning!!! Hopefully we'll have a better year this year and bring home some silverware!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Long time no post!!

Haven't been around much the last couple of weeks, have had a sick little man and he's been very clingy so I haven't been on the computer a lot! He's got an ear and chest infection and isn't in good form at all!!  I've been doing my make up every day but haven't been taking pictures but I promise I'll be back at it now soon!!

Had my first night out since July with G on Saturday night, we went to the Camogie/GAA dinner dance and had a great time! It was lovely to catch up with everyone!

Aaron is saying his poem in the Music Festival in the morning so that should be fun!!!  He brought home his class photos today and they're really cute!!!
We have lots of birthdays, christenings, communions, confirmations and camogie matches coming up in the next couple of months so we'll be kept busy!!  Am trying to think of a cake to try for G's birthday this year, last year I made my first chocolate cake so I'd like to do something different this year!
I'm getting my new tattoo on Thursday so I'll put some pictures up when its healed up a bit!
Its great to see the sun shining, really puts you in a good mood and makes you happy to be alive!!