Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mr Golden Sun!

Once again I apologise for my lack of posts recently. I've had a dose which took weeks to shift and Ryan hasn't been well for weeks either so its been a miserable house to say the least! I feeling better now but my poor little man is still coughing and spluttering out of him so hopefully he'll shift it soon! Its been a beautiful few days here in ireland, its been 18 degrees or more the last few days and as far as I know its to last another few days so I'm typing this while sitting outside on my front door step! My tablet won't let me upload photos to a blog post so I'm hoping to have time to boot up the laptop on Friday and maybe do a couple of posts! When i was sick my psoriasis flared up really badly so I'm trying my best to get it to clear up because I have 2 weddings coming up in the next couple of months and I want to wear something nice!

I've been feeling really tired lately and I'm not sure what's causing it because I've had blood tests and stuff done and everything came back ok but its so frustrating! I bring Aaron to school and have to sit down for half an hour when i get home to have the energy to do anything! Hopefully I'll get back to normal at some stage although I don't really know what 'normal' is anymore!

My hubby aka G is 32 on Thursday so tomorrow I'm going to attempt to make him a Manchester United jersey cake! I made my brother in law an Angry Birds one last week for his 30th birthday and I was delighted with how it turned out! I bought myself a few new decorating bits and pieces on eBay, I'm still amazed that food colouring is cheaper to buy from America than here or the UK!

I'm nearly at the end of my 3 month eyeshadow buying ban and to be honest it hasn't been that bad, its made me make more use of what I already have! Plus I've been buying more nail varnish instead! ;)