Friday, July 29, 2011

Some make up I done today!

I had a bit of time to myself today so I decided (finally) to mess around with my make up!
The first look I done was just a black eye with pink lips.  I used MAC Carbon eyeshadow and for my lips I used a Rimmel lipstick called Sugar Plum and then on top of that I used Barry M no 129!

The second look I done was using Collection 2000 Dazzle Me eyeshadows which are great loose eyeshadows.  I have about 8 different ones of these in total and the quality of them is brilliant!  This is just a quick look so its not perfect!

Then I decided to mess around with my lips and here was the result!!

Then I done my last look of the day which was inspired by Xsparkage on Youtube!
I used my Sleek Acid Palette which I've had for a while but never really use as I don't know what to do with it!!  I know the lashes are crappy so I took them off after a few minutes!

Hope you liked it all!!

Good News!

Well, I've been busy this week with hospital visits! I went to St Vincents on Monday for testing before I can start PUVA.  Basically I had to lie in a bath of a liquid called Psoralen for 10 minutes so that my skin will absorb more UV light.  Then I was taken into a room where a nurse put a sheet on my back with 8 'windows' in it and she done the UV test on me which involved a 'window' being closed every 10 seconds or so.  My skin was marked with dots to show where I was exposed to the light and I was told to come back at the same time Thursday so they could have a look at my skin and see if it burnt or anything and then they could find my starting time for the UV light from the test.
After I was finished I called upstairs to the breast care nurses and told them that I had been turned down for genetic testing and that I'd like to see my breast surgeon, Ms Rothwell, about lifting my other boob to match my bionic one!  So, they told me to come up when I was finished in the Dermatology dept on Thursday which was great as you could be waiting months for an appointment sometimes!

Thursday came and I took a quick trip into the city centre for some new net curtains before coming back to the hospital to start my treatment.  I got changed into my dressing gown and flip flops and went into the examination room.  The nurses (who are all LOVELY by the way!) checked out my back and although I didn't think I had burned at all, they noticed that the skin on a couple of the squares was a bit red.  They then decided that my starting time on the UV machine (which looks just like a stand up sunbed) would be 15 SECONDS!! I know it doesn't sound like much but I can actually see a bit of difference in my skin already! The flakes will go first, then the redness will start to disappear so hopefully it'll be fairly clear in a couple of months!  You can't wear makeup, perfume or deodorant before your treatment so it was fairly daunting going out into the world without my eyebrows filled in or wearing at least mascara and eyeliner!  I wore a hat yesterday and will be wearing one from now on!

When I was finished I went upstairs to see Ms Rothwell (who is the surgeon that done my mastectomy and reconstruction last year) and explained to her that I had been turned down for genetic testing as I had no family history of breast cancer and that I would like to proceed with my other boob job.  She said that there was probably about a 10% chance of my having the BCRA-1 or 2 gene but that she would refer me to a gynaecologist in Holles St so they could keep an eye on me as if I did have the gene there would be a 50% chance of me getting ovarian cancer (it also gives you a whopping 85% chance of getting breast cancer).  She examined me and said that there wasn't an awful lot of difference in my boobs but that because I'm so young she would refer me to a cosmetic surgeon and she said that he will give me an implant (so I haven't got one soft boob and one hard one!) and bring me up a cup size too!  She also said that I will be able to get a reconstruction on my nipple which involves twisting a piece of skin into a nipple shape and then they tattoo the colour onto it for you!  Hopefully I'll have it all done before christmas!  Ms Rothwell was very happy with me overall and I gave her a big hug when I was leaving and thanked her for saving my life!

So I've lots to look forward to!  The thought of another operation doesn't bother me at all, I'm well used to it now!  If I can get my skin cleared up I'll be delighted and if I have 2 boobs that more or less match then I'll be over the moon altogether!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Recent make up pics and purchases!!

I haven't been posting as much lately because I haven't had my internet so I'm going to just do a quick post on my make up and what I've got the last few days! I really need to stop buying make up but ever since my local chemist got Catrice I just can't help myself! They had some stuff that was half price and sure you can't beat buying something that's on sale now, can you!  My brother in law asked me the other day if I ever got fed up of having to put make up on me every day and my answer was that sometimes I do but that if I go out wearing it then I actually look sick and people tell me I don't look well and I've heard enough of that already in my life so I'd rather they tell me how healthy I'm looking!  My hair has gone wild altogether lately! It just seems to be growing up the way and is getting so curly! The sooner the better it gets a bit longer, I'm starting to miss my long hair now although I know I shouldn't complain, its better than having NO hair!

The eyeliner looks better in real life, the camera doesn't pick up the colour at all!

I've been looking for a shiny silver to use with a smokey eye so hopefully this one will do the trick!

I got this matt brown to try on my eyebrows!
If any of you out there have any Catrice products to recommend I'd love to hear from you!

I brought Aaron down to see Jedward on Sunday night and he was in his element, bopping away on my shoulders! They put on a great show and it was really funny cos they were half way through their first song and the power cut out on the stage!  The lads went down to the crowd and took photos and signed autographs while they got it sorted and John/Edward (I can't tell the difference) done handstands on the stage to entertain everyone.  They got the music going again and they sang about 5 or 6 songs and I actually really enjoyed it!  The pictures are from my phone so excuse the quality!
Aaron singing away! Thats me in the hat!

My sitting room = FINISHED!!!!

I posted last week about my sitting room being done up and I was complaining about how long it was taking.  Well, now its finished and I'm so happy with it and feel really bad for giving G such a hard time about getting it all finished! Here's the (almost) finished room!  There's just the skirting boards to be varnished now and then its done! Its so nice to be able to sit down and relax after being without a sitting room for 2 weeks! My lovely brother in law Darren done all the plastering and woodwork and helped with the wallpapering too! He's a jack of all trades! Thanks D!!  The whole family chipped in and I'm really grateful to every one of you, especially to G cos I know I gave him an earful every day about getting it all done quickly for me!

The canvas will be going up on the wall!

The canvas picture that you can see in the photos is one that I won a few weeks ago in Hickeys pharmacy here in Arklow and I love how it turned out! 
I've been picking up purple bits here, there and everywhere the last few days! Got some nice stuff in TK Maxx, I love the stuff in there but just haven't the patience sometimes to root around!

I still have to get a curtain pole and put my curtains up and then thats it!!  It really doesn't look like the same room any more and its great!  Thats the whole house dry lined now and replastered, our room is the only one left to be done now so we'll be bunking in with Aaron while thats being done!  We also painted our hall after it being plastered 2 years ago and we never got any further than doing a white undercoat so now its been painted "Cookie Dough"! I've never been into brown but I actually like it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My sitting room = A work in progress!

I've been without a sitting room now for a week,  not easy when you have a 1 and a half year old to entertain let me tell you!  When I was pregnant on Ryan I had no kitchen for 6 weeks and when I was pregnant on Aaron I had not bathroom for about a month so I was used to it but you can't explain to Ryan that he can't go into the sitting room, can you!
The plastering is finished and is drying out and the floor has been sanded and the first coat of varnish has been put on (2 more to go) and the room just looks so much better already!! When we got our new windows about 5 years ago the lads never finished off the inside because we were going to plaster it anyway but we never thought it would take that long to get around to doing it so we've been living with peeling wallpaper and yellow foam going around the edge of  the windows!  I really can't wait until the whole thing is finished and I have my new sofa to relax on!  Hopefully we'll be able to paint by Monday and maybe be in by this time next week!  Fingers crossed!!


Front wall done

Looking better already!

Look at my lovely floor!!

So as you can see we're getting there!!  A few more days and it will all be back to normal! 
Its the Seabreeze festival this weekend which means we have the wound up wonders Jedward in attendance which is guaranteed to be noisy!! Aaron can't wait to go down and see them so I'm going to bring him down on Sunday night.  The Teddy Bears picnic is on tomorrow so I'm hoping the weather will stay dry for it!
Right, I better go hoover the rest of the dust up so we can get ready for the next step!
Have a great weekend whatever you're up to!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm starting to get sick of this weather!!! Its absolutely LASHING rain and its just miserable out!  Myself and Aaron done some more baking today, we made a fruit loaf, doughnuts and gingerbread men! They're all edible anyway, it was the first time we had ever made both the loaf and the doughnuts!  My sitting room is finally getting plastered, 6 years after moving into the house I will have a windowsill at last!! I'm not really in a typing mood today, really tired after my hospital visits yesterday! I got on very well though, my oncologist was really happy with how I'm doing and she doesn't want to see me until next May and my dermatologist agreed that my skin was too bad to be using creams any more so I'm going to be starting light treatment soon, twice a week for about 3 months so I'm going to be doing plenty of travelling on the bus in the near future!!  I don't know if it will work or not because its about 25 years since I've had light treatment for my psoriasis so fingers crossed because it has me tormented to the last at this stage! Its horrible to have to wear long sleeves when the sun is shining and everybody else is going around in shorts and vest tops! Wouldn't you think I've been cursed enough in my 30 years on this planet!!
Hope you all have a good weekend and lets hope the weather picks up soon!!

Today I'm wearing Collection 2000 'Magical' eyeshadow and Sleek 'Spellbound' eyedust!

It looks so much better in real life! My camera doesn't seem to pick up the shimmer in the gold at all!
Fruit Cake!


Gingerbread men

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catch up on the last few days!

Where has our summer gone?? It was lovely the last few days now all of a sudden the winter is back again!  My laptop seems to be making funny noises lately, I wonder how much longer it will last before it gives up the ghost??  2 hospital appointments tomorrow so will be up there from lunchtime til god knows when!!
My local chemist, Hollys, have gotten in Catrice make up so I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of time in there from now on!  They're the same company (as far as I know) that do Essence but are SLIGHTLY more expensive!

A lot of you that read this blog don't know me personally, so wouldn't know that I don't drive.... long story short I had a licence and was learning to drive but then just gave up on it.  That was 3 years ago and now that we have 2 children and the car is just sitting in the yard 5 days a week (plus the fact that I have zero energy lately!) I said that I would try again!  So yesterday evening, G brought me out around the old IFI road and I drove around for about half an hour and he said he was very impressed with me!  I think we'll go out again tomorrow evening for another while and see how I get on but I think it will be a while before I'm confident enough to be out driving on the roads!! I'll keep you all updated and let you know when its time for you all to stay off the roads!!

Quick smokey look I done yesterday with my new ELF Elements compact

Close up of yesterdays look done with my ELF quad and ELF brightening white pencil and gunmetal liner

Catrice...... the new addition in my local chemist! €2.79 for 10ml

Todays makeup: Mac Blondes gold, satin taupe and Barry M blue eyeshadow

I've found a load of new blogs to follow through #bbloggers on Twitter so every now and then when I have a few minutes to myself I have a nose through them and its great to look at and read other peoples blogs! They all seem to have a lot more followers than I do though and I hardly ever seem to get comments on my blog so I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Hopefully some of you out there can help me out!

Myself and Aaron done some more baking yesterday and here is what we made!

My camogie team had their annual fundraising event on Sunday and this year we had a sponsored bed push! It was great fun and we all dressed up in our pyjamas! We laughed the whole way to the meetings and back and then we had a hillbilly bbq so we were all dressed up in our cowboy gear!
Thats me in the Black and pink with the hat!

The bed!!!