Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm starting to get sick of this weather!!! Its absolutely LASHING rain and its just miserable out!  Myself and Aaron done some more baking today, we made a fruit loaf, doughnuts and gingerbread men! They're all edible anyway, it was the first time we had ever made both the loaf and the doughnuts!  My sitting room is finally getting plastered, 6 years after moving into the house I will have a windowsill at last!! I'm not really in a typing mood today, really tired after my hospital visits yesterday! I got on very well though, my oncologist was really happy with how I'm doing and she doesn't want to see me until next May and my dermatologist agreed that my skin was too bad to be using creams any more so I'm going to be starting light treatment soon, twice a week for about 3 months so I'm going to be doing plenty of travelling on the bus in the near future!!  I don't know if it will work or not because its about 25 years since I've had light treatment for my psoriasis so fingers crossed because it has me tormented to the last at this stage! Its horrible to have to wear long sleeves when the sun is shining and everybody else is going around in shorts and vest tops! Wouldn't you think I've been cursed enough in my 30 years on this planet!!
Hope you all have a good weekend and lets hope the weather picks up soon!!

Today I'm wearing Collection 2000 'Magical' eyeshadow and Sleek 'Spellbound' eyedust!

It looks so much better in real life! My camera doesn't seem to pick up the shimmer in the gold at all!
Fruit Cake!


Gingerbread men


  1. Aww the gingerbread men are so cute!!

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