Friday, July 22, 2011

Recent make up pics and purchases!!

I haven't been posting as much lately because I haven't had my internet so I'm going to just do a quick post on my make up and what I've got the last few days! I really need to stop buying make up but ever since my local chemist got Catrice I just can't help myself! They had some stuff that was half price and sure you can't beat buying something that's on sale now, can you!  My brother in law asked me the other day if I ever got fed up of having to put make up on me every day and my answer was that sometimes I do but that if I go out wearing it then I actually look sick and people tell me I don't look well and I've heard enough of that already in my life so I'd rather they tell me how healthy I'm looking!  My hair has gone wild altogether lately! It just seems to be growing up the way and is getting so curly! The sooner the better it gets a bit longer, I'm starting to miss my long hair now although I know I shouldn't complain, its better than having NO hair!

The eyeliner looks better in real life, the camera doesn't pick up the colour at all!

I've been looking for a shiny silver to use with a smokey eye so hopefully this one will do the trick!

I got this matt brown to try on my eyebrows!
If any of you out there have any Catrice products to recommend I'd love to hear from you!

I brought Aaron down to see Jedward on Sunday night and he was in his element, bopping away on my shoulders! They put on a great show and it was really funny cos they were half way through their first song and the power cut out on the stage!  The lads went down to the crowd and took photos and signed autographs while they got it sorted and John/Edward (I can't tell the difference) done handstands on the stage to entertain everyone.  They got the music going again and they sang about 5 or 6 songs and I actually really enjoyed it!  The pictures are from my phone so excuse the quality!
Aaron singing away! Thats me in the hat!


  1. LOve these looks, and also Catrice, ahhh, we're so lucky to this brand around here, it's fabulous! xx

  2. Your hair looks fantastic!! I love the curls/waves.

  3. Thanks very much! Can't wait til it gets a big longer though!!

  4. @ArtDonatella, thank you very much! Will have to stop myself buying any more though, I have more than enough make up!!