Monday, July 4, 2011

ELF Haul!!

ELF Cosmetics recently had a 50% off Sale for reaching (I think) 200,000 fans on FB.  I had never ordered anything from them but knew that they were really reasonably priced so when I seen that they were giving away stuff half price (when you spent £25 they automatically halved it!) I thought I would place an order and see what their stuff was like!  I was spoiled for choice and really had NO IDEA what to order so I just got a few bits and pieces to try out!  
I got:
4 eyeliners 
2 Nail Polishes
2 Facial Whips (shimmery)
A quad eyeshadow (silver/blacks)
An Element compact (you pick your own colours and put them in a compact!)
An Eye Primer
Lip Primer/plumper

The most expensive item (after discount) was the lip primer/plumper which was £1.75, almost everything else was only 75p so the total for everything was £17 or €20 which was excellent value for money! I will add swatch pics later!
I think the eyeshadow compact is an excellent idea, its kinda like the Mac quad eyeshadows but for a fraction of the price! With a decent base I'm sure they'll work well! I'll do a look with them tomorrow and post some photos!  Overall I'm really happy with everything and will be ordering ELF again next time they do a good sale!!
Ivory, Pink Ice, Dusk and Moondust!

Moonlight and Lilac

Facial Whip - Lilac Petal and Pink Lemonade

Lip Primer/Plumper

Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow Quad Drama

Twinkle Teal, Iconic Ivory and Gunmetal Eyeliners

White Eye Widener Pencil

Lilac and Moonlight nail polishes

Facial Whips Pink Lemonade and Lilac Petal

Eye and Lip Primers
If any of you out there have any recommendations of what to get next time I'd love to hear from you!!


  1. Hi Jacinta! If you don't mind me asking, was your eye primer tube full of product, or did it have an empty-ish look? I ask because I got one as well and it definitely looked a bit empty, and I'm just wondering if that's how it is supposed to look... :/

  2. Hi Silvia! No, mine is definitely full! You should post a pic of it on their FB page and let them know!!

  3. I love elf, ive never tried the polish, how is it , great blog now following, id love for u too follow my beauty blog

  4. Great post. I like the colour on your nails by the way. I adore your blog and will definitly be back to read more of your posts. I wish you lots of luck with it!

    All the best,

  5. wow that is one huge haul. im jealous.
    iv never used any of the elf products.

  6. @nana....
    I've seen hauls a LOT bigger than mine with their 50% off sale! Everything seems to be good so far!

    Thanks very much!

    I haven't tried the nail polish yet but will let you know what its like!


    I gave you an award.