Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail Varnish is my new Mascara!!

So, as you know I'm down to the bare bones when it comes to my eylashes and I'm afraid to put mascara on the scrawny few I have left.  To distract myself I've been putting more of an effort into my nails!! 

Today I'm wearing Rimmel Peppermint nail varnish with OPI black shatter over it.  Its still a bit wet so I hope I don't ruin it typing this!!  It lasts (and looks) a lot better with a coat of clear nail varnish too!  I took some pictures of my make up today because I haven't done it a lot lately.  You can see for yourself how many eyelashes I have left!! My eyeshadow today is Boots 17 'style queen' and Barry M shade 66 which is a REALLY dark black and I'm loving it lately!!  As you can see my hair is coming back really well and I'm delighted (even though there's so many greys I look like a badger!!).  My eyebrows are really coming back too and thicker than they were before, I must take some pics tomorrow morning before I put my make up on!

I know I could probably go out without my wig on now but I'm actually a bit nervous about it!! I've been bald since 1st January and its almost May now!! Plus I like how I look wearing my wig even though it itches the crap out of me!! My eyes have been fairly itchy since my eyelashes fell out, especially when I'm wearing contacts so I bought some drops this morning, hope it helps!!  
Great first leg from Manchester United the other night, lets hope they can keep a clean sheet at Old Trafford next week and head to the final in Wembley next month!! The other semi last night was real handbags stuff altogether!!
Anyway, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and hang out some more washing!! :o)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brilliant weekend!!!

Today I'm grinning like a cheshire cat......... the sun is shining, I've had 14 nights of sleep without Ryan being stuck in my face and I have a house full of chocolate! But thats not why I'm smiling - its because Avoca WON and WE'RE IN THE FINAL!!!!! We beat the Rocks 2-3 to 1-1 and it was such a tough match!! Some great action pictures here:  The final is next Sunday 8th May but we're not sure when and what time yet!! Can't wait!!!!  The girls all played brilliantly and I'm so happy and proud to be part of such a great team, can't wait to be back out there playing myself!! I really hope that the girls do well this year, it was so disappointing last year to get to 3 finals and not win any of them but I have a good feeling that this year all the hard work will pay off!!
Tonight Man United are playing the first leg of the Champions League semi final and I hope to god they win! Couple of tough matches coming up but if we beat Arsenal and Chelsea then we win the league!!!!! Woo Woo!!   
Still a week to go before the kids go back to school, feels like they've been off forever at this stage even though its only been 10 days!  At least the weather has been good, Aaron has spent a lot of the time out on his trampoline and he finally got his hair cut last week.  I've been cutting it for ages with the scissors but it used to take an hour every time cos he has so much hair! But he went to 'The Deef' as he calls him and now it looks so much better!!

I'm back up for an appointment with my doctor, Ms Jane Rothwell next Thursday.  I haven't seen her in 6 months, since I had my operation and I owe her a BIG thank you!!
Still feeling very tired these days but I'm looking forward to doing the Mini Marathon in a few weeks if any of you out there want to sponsor me you're more than welcome!! I'm doing it for Arklow Cancer Support Group and Avoca Camogie Club!! I'll crawl it if I have to!!
I haven't done any make up pictures lately because I only have about 10 eyelashes left and I really don't want to have to look at pictures of them because they'll only upset me!! When the kids are back to school next week I'll try do a video and put on some false eyelashes and everything!!
So, thats it for now!! I noticed today that the lads have put me up on the Wicklow News website too so a big thank you to Stephen and Michael for that!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wow Wee!!

Well, my interview appeared in the Evening Herald today and I'm shocked and amazed at the brilliant response I've received!  For anyone who missed it here's the link......... I'm really pleased with how the story turned out and all proud of myself!!

So, myself, G and Aaron had a day out in Dublin on Thursday and we had a brilliant day!! First the man in the train station didn't charge us for Aaron, then the lady in the Wax Museum didn't charge him in.  We went to Smyth's and all he wanted was a €1.99 Power Rangers toy.  Then we went into Arnotts after trying all the sports shops for runners in his size.  Your man brought out a pair of black Reeboks with €26 on the box, scanned them in when we were going to pay and it came up as €7.80!! What a lucky day for Aaron!!!  The Wax Museum was a nice experience - the quality of the waxworks wouldn't have been as good as what I remember from the UK one but it was nice to look around and do something different!!  We had great fun on the train - I hadn't been on one in about 10 years and it was lovely and clean and we even got a seat with a table!! Aaron had us in stitches on the way home.... in the wax museum we had seen the Salmon of Knowledge and he had told us that he had learned about it "years ago"! Now myself and G broke out in tears of laughter at this statement, he's such a funny little man!!  Here's a few pictures from our day!!

Freddy Krueger.... there was a hole in the mirror to put your head through so it would be sitting in Freddys hand and I was dying to do it but was afraid my wig would get stuck in it and fall off!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stupid eyelashes!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was freaking out over the last of my eyebrow hairs falling out.  Well that opened up a whole new can of worms because I was so busy staring in the mirror and willing them to grow back quickly that I never noticed about 3/4 of my eyelashes falling out!!!!!!  I really can't believe it!! The first thing I asked the oncologist when she said I'd lose my hair was if my eyelashes would fall out.  She said they probably wouldn't because I wasn't having many sessions of chemo so I was delighted with that but I guess she was wrong!! G reckons its because the roots were all killed off during chemo and they're only falling out now.  I never leave the house without mascara and now I look like a leper altogether!! I don't want to have to go through the hassle of putting on false eyelashes every day because trying to get them on straight is a right pain in the arse!!  Ah well, I've been so preoccupied with my eyelashes I never noticed that the eyebrows are growing back now!!  My hair is coming on great too - there's as much grey as there is black but I'll be able to dye it in no length!

Onto happier subjects............. Ryan has slept all night in his cot for 6 whole nights now and I'm delighted! I always wake up with an awful pain in my back when he's in the bed mostly cos I'm hanging off the edge of the bed!!!  He always ends up stuck to my face with me inhaling his frizzy hair!!  He's like a briar today but he's got a runny nose and probably has a sore throat like the rest of us!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a few pictures!!

Just a quick post today with a few pictures.. I hope the eyebrowless ones don't scare you too much!!



So much hair! :)

One eyebrow on!!

2 eyebrows!!

Ready to face the world!!

Today I'm wearing Barry M eyeshadow, they're brilliant, not expensive and last FOREVER!!  Ryan's just conked out on my knee here so can't type much!! Aaron has gone off to the circus with his nanny so I hope he's not too scared of the clowns this time!!  
Thanks for looking!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm smiling!!

I'm sitting here watching my 2 boys rolling around the floor swinging out of each other.  I have a headache, a toothache and they're squealing and making a huge mess and racket but you know what?  I couldn't care less!  They are having fun and thats what matters! They're kids and they're supposed to be noisy!  They make me smile when I look at them and make me so happy that I'm here and able to watch and listen to them playing.

Too many people that I know have died recently.  2 friends have lost a parent each to cancer and I found out this morning that a friend from America who was a fabulous make up artist has passed away and it all just makes me glad to be alive.  I hear so many people moaning over such stupid things and don't realise how lucky they are to be healthy and ALIVE and really have nothing to be complaining about!! Oh I've nothing to wear, I hate my job, I wish it was the weekend or whatever, I'm just really sick of hearing it day in and day out!! I haven't complained much over the last 6 months, mostly because I'm just happy that I'm alive and that I won't be leaving my 2 little men or my brilliant husband anytime soon.  I'm walking around most days half asleep because Ryan doesn't seem to sleep at all these days but I don't care, Aaron used to be the very same when he was young and I know he'll eventually start sleeping properly!!  My energy levels are zero and I'd love nothing better than to go asleep for a few hours but its not gonna happen, there's dinners to cook and cleaning up after! I'm married 10 months today and every time I look back at my wedding album I smile - I get a little sad looking at my lovely long hair but I know it'll grow back and be wilder and frizzier than ever!!  We had such a great day and its not something I'm going to forget in a hurry!

We had a great laugh on saturday watching the Grand National..... we had picked a horse each online and Aaron couldn't wait to see his horse on telly.  Of course me and G's horses fell at the first couple of fences but Aaron's was out in front the whole 2 laps of the course and WON!!! We were SCREAMING at the telly for it not to fall and when we checked online later we found out he had won €48.75 for himself!  Must get him to pick the lotto numbers for me next time!! :o) We're bringing him to Dublin on the train next week for a day out so now he'll have plenty of spending money (he might even buy me some make up!!) to buy himself something nice!

Be thankful for the good things in life people, you never know when they can be taken away from you.  Take nothing for granted and live every day as if it was your last!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hair today.......

I just took some photos of the back of my head to check out the hair growth and I'm very impressed at how quickly its coming back!!
I know I've a long way to go yet but I'm delighted!! 
I haven't been posting much make up lately I know but I just seem to have zero time to myself lately and between going up and down to the school, hospital visits and housework I'm wrecked going around!! I'll try get back into it soon though and do some more exciting and colourful stuff!! I've been putting my cream on my scalp to try get my psoriasis cleared up but my eyebrows are still fairly bad and may get some cream on them too.  My skin is having a really bad flare up at the minute but I just haven't got the time to put the cream on every little patch!! 
I just done a neutral look today, I'm going to go through my eyeshadow drawer this evening and pick out some bright colours for tomorrow!!!
Ryan hasn't been sleeping very well lately, I don't know if its the teeth coming through or what but myself and G are bloody wrecked!! Aaron fell out of the bed last night, I don't know whats he's like at all!! And there's a rail on his bed so you'd think he'd be ok wouldn't you!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

NOW I'm upset!!

When I found out I had cancer, I was upset.  When I found out I'd have to get my boob scooped out like a pumpkin, I was upset but I dealt with it.  When I found out I had to get chemo, I shaved my head before my hair all fell out on me.  I thought my hair was done falling out because a good bit of my hair on my head has actually came back now but yesterday the last of my eyebrow hairs fell out and you know what - it upset me more than any of the other things! I don't really know why but I suppose when the make up comes off I actually look like somebody who has cancer now!!!  I know they'll grow back soon but I just want to get back to normal!  
I went back to camogie training a couple of weeks ago and I'm just permanently shattered now so may just take it easy for another while!!  I suppose I just expected my life to just automatically go back to the way it used to be because for the last 6 months I've tried to keep things as normal as possible, especially for the lads sake and now I think its just all catching up on me!! I think I need a good holiday!!!