Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a few pictures!!

Just a quick post today with a few pictures.. I hope the eyebrowless ones don't scare you too much!!



So much hair! :)

One eyebrow on!!

2 eyebrows!!

Ready to face the world!!

Today I'm wearing Barry M eyeshadow, they're brilliant, not expensive and last FOREVER!!  http://www.barrym.com/  Ryan's just conked out on my knee here so can't type much!! Aaron has gone off to the circus with his nanny so I hope he's not too scared of the clowns this time!!  
Thanks for looking!!!!


  1. Eyebrows, hair or not, you are beautiful. You have gorgeouse eyes!! the eyeliner you wore really made them stand out more =D

  2. I think you look stunning without the hair, don't know why more ladies don't shave their hair it really does something magic for the eyes
    as in Sinéad O'Connor

    a bloke