Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wow Wee!!

Well, my interview appeared in the Evening Herald today and I'm shocked and amazed at the brilliant response I've received!  For anyone who missed it here's the link......... I'm really pleased with how the story turned out and all proud of myself!!

So, myself, G and Aaron had a day out in Dublin on Thursday and we had a brilliant day!! First the man in the train station didn't charge us for Aaron, then the lady in the Wax Museum didn't charge him in.  We went to Smyth's and all he wanted was a €1.99 Power Rangers toy.  Then we went into Arnotts after trying all the sports shops for runners in his size.  Your man brought out a pair of black Reeboks with €26 on the box, scanned them in when we were going to pay and it came up as €7.80!! What a lucky day for Aaron!!!  The Wax Museum was a nice experience - the quality of the waxworks wouldn't have been as good as what I remember from the UK one but it was nice to look around and do something different!!  We had great fun on the train - I hadn't been on one in about 10 years and it was lovely and clean and we even got a seat with a table!! Aaron had us in stitches on the way home.... in the wax museum we had seen the Salmon of Knowledge and he had told us that he had learned about it "years ago"! Now myself and G broke out in tears of laughter at this statement, he's such a funny little man!!  Here's a few pictures from our day!!

Freddy Krueger.... there was a hole in the mirror to put your head through so it would be sitting in Freddys hand and I was dying to do it but was afraid my wig would get stuck in it and fall off!!


  1. Glad to see your doing so well, stay strong =)


  2. I just seen your article on the WicklowNews website, fair play and keep up the good work! ;)

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!!