Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hair today.......

I just took some photos of the back of my head to check out the hair growth and I'm very impressed at how quickly its coming back!!
I know I've a long way to go yet but I'm delighted!! 
I haven't been posting much make up lately I know but I just seem to have zero time to myself lately and between going up and down to the school, hospital visits and housework I'm wrecked going around!! I'll try get back into it soon though and do some more exciting and colourful stuff!! I've been putting my cream on my scalp to try get my psoriasis cleared up but my eyebrows are still fairly bad and may get some cream on them too.  My skin is having a really bad flare up at the minute but I just haven't got the time to put the cream on every little patch!! 
I just done a neutral look today, I'm going to go through my eyeshadow drawer this evening and pick out some bright colours for tomorrow!!!
Ryan hasn't been sleeping very well lately, I don't know if its the teeth coming through or what but myself and G are bloody wrecked!! Aaron fell out of the bed last night, I don't know whats he's like at all!! And there's a rail on his bed so you'd think he'd be ok wouldn't you!!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to see how your hair is growing the chemo curl :-)