Monday, April 4, 2011

NOW I'm upset!!

When I found out I had cancer, I was upset.  When I found out I'd have to get my boob scooped out like a pumpkin, I was upset but I dealt with it.  When I found out I had to get chemo, I shaved my head before my hair all fell out on me.  I thought my hair was done falling out because a good bit of my hair on my head has actually came back now but yesterday the last of my eyebrow hairs fell out and you know what - it upset me more than any of the other things! I don't really know why but I suppose when the make up comes off I actually look like somebody who has cancer now!!!  I know they'll grow back soon but I just want to get back to normal!  
I went back to camogie training a couple of weeks ago and I'm just permanently shattered now so may just take it easy for another while!!  I suppose I just expected my life to just automatically go back to the way it used to be because for the last 6 months I've tried to keep things as normal as possible, especially for the lads sake and now I think its just all catching up on me!! I think I need a good holiday!!!  

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  1. jacinta im reading all your messages and im so proud of you ,you brought tears to my eyes but girl you just keep on going and fighting sum day you will get there x x x your an inspiration to all women out there