Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snow joke!

I'm really hoping that this forecasted snow is a late April Fools! I mean, the sun is shining and I'm actually WARM! How is it supposed to snow when people were going around in summer clothes just a few days ago? Typical Irish weather really I suppose! You really can have all 4 seasons in one day, or even an hour sometimes!

Anyway, I hope you are all well! We've got a very upset little boy -Aaron- in the house who woke up with the chicken pox and isn't able to go to his Easter GAA camp or Martial Arts! I'm hoping he doesn't get too many spots and I'm sure Ryan will have them sooner rather than later too! I'm itching like mad now too even though I've had the chicken pox when i was young. G isn't sure if he's had them or not so we may ask his Da!

I've been a very good girl lately and haven't bought much make up at all apart from a few Avon bits.  I've been flat out baking cakes and spent hours the other day making G a Man United jersey cake! I'm delighted with how it turned out and I know he was really impressed with it! I kept catching him in the kitchen admiring it!  Then our niece Hannah was 2 on Saturday and she's Curious George mad so i made her a giant cupcake with yellow buttercream and G spent 2 hours making George out of fondant. I made some bananas and a yellow hat (for the man in the yellow hat!). It looked lovely but I jusypt don't get the fascination with giant cupcakes, I found it hard to decorate and because I'd never made one before I was worried that it wasn't cooked properly or something! We brought it down to G's sister on Friday evening and she was delighted with it (so was Hannah!) But I just kept thinking that I wasn't happy with it so i got up early Saturday morning and made a fresh cream sponge and decorated it with butterflies and it just looked nice and I knew it was cooked properly! We brought it down Saturday afternoon and 5 slices later it was almost gone! I don't eat fresh cream but this was delicious!!  I'm decorating my fruit cakes later this week for Easter Sunday and then in 2 weeks time I'm making a christening cake for my cousins baby! I'm actually really nervous about doing it because people other than family will be eating it so I'm just hoping that it will look and taste nice!!

Aaron is now able to read everything and he's reading this out as I'm typing it and giggling away to himself! He's a funny little dude!