Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm 31 this week! Serious thoughts on life.....

So, this time last year my life was perfectly normal.  I had just had a baby and gotten married to the man of my dreams.  Aaron started school and then it was my 30th birthday.  Fast forward 8 days when I went to hospital for an ultrasound to get a lump on my breast checked and they had to do a biopsy and mammogram as well because there was something there that shouldn't be.  They told me to come back up for results 2 days later and to bring someone with me.  Friday 1st October myself and G sat in a room and heard the news that would change our lives forever!  Since then I've had a mastectomy, reconstruction and had chemo.  I've been bald, worn a wig and posted photos of myself wearing absolutely no makeup.  I've realised that you only get one life, you might as well enjoy it.  I have 2 gorgeous little boys and the most wonderful husband that I could possibly ask for!
Its now 2 days before I turn 31.  I can't believe how much has happened and how quickly the past year has gone by.  This might sound like a lot of gobbeldygook to you but I have so much in my head that I want to get out and its all trying to come out at the same time!  I'm just thankful to be alive and that I got that lump checked out, otherwise I might not be here today.  Sometimes I hate my reconstructed boob as its fairly heavy and square compared to my other one but I have to think of the alternative, its only a boob and I'm alive!!  Sometimes I completely forget that I had cancer then it all comes crashing back to me in a flashback and its very strange and hard to describe how it makes me feel! I just feel like a normal person apart from being so tired all the time but I'm hoping my energy levels will get back to normal soon!!  I often forget how G must have felt when he heard the news, he's been my best friend in the world for nearly 14 years now and I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in his shoes at the time.  People always asked how I was but not many asked how G was coping.  It must have been hell for him to try and keep things together at home for the kids when I was in hospital and going through chemo.  I know it must have been awful for him to have to shave my head with foam and a razor after the little bits started falling out all over the place.  There isn't many men I know that has had to shave their wifes head completely bald!  He's really been my rock through this whole saga and I would be lost without him!!

Inglot Birthday haul.. part 1

As you already know, its my birthday this week so G told me he would buy me some more Inglot makeup!  We went to Dundrum early on Sunday (Man Utd were playing Chelsea at 4 so we had to make sure we got home for that!!) and he gave me €100 and told me to spend what I wanted! I decided to get a round palette and some lip colours but I ended up getting a brow wax and a concealer too.  The Meteor 20% discount is still on so its great value!  The lip colours are really pigmented and you only need a tiny bit to cover your lips!  You can also mix them to make your own colours which more than doubles your collection!!  I went for 4 pinky colours and 4 nude/browny colours.  I also got another eyeshadow palette which I'll post pictures of later!  In total I spend €72 so G told me to keep the change!! Whoop whoop!!  I met Little Kiva from Youtube who was working there and she gave me a voucher for a free makeup lesson so I'll hopefully get to use it before christmas!!

I had a mini heart attack while I was picking out my goodies, G had gone off for a walk with Ryan and Aaron had stayed with me.  I turned around and he had disappeared which is something Aaron would NEVER do!! I started to panic and looked all around but couldn't see him anywhere!  Then, I spotted him over at the ice cream stand with G, who had came back and didn't tell me!! I think my heart skipped a few beats, really scared the life out of me!!  I'm always so careful to keep him close to me when we're out in busy places, there are so many weirdos out there these days!!  Anyway, I hope you like these photos!

Todays eyeshadow!

The top right is a brow wax and bottom right is a concealer!

I didn't post a pic of this on me as I couldn't get a nice photo! It would look better mixed with another colour!

I mixed a couple of colours together to wear today so this is how it turned out:

Friday, September 16, 2011

FOTD and some baking!!

I've been threatening to buy some new proper food colouring for a long time so I finally bought some from and I'm delighted with them! I got 3 food colouring pastes, red, hydrangea (a blue green colour) and mint.  I also got some edible Ben 10 decorations and 2 new edible glitters, a royal blue one and a beautiful multicolour one!  I was really pleased with how fast they were delivered too, I ordered on Tuesday night and they arrived on Thursday morning!  I will definitely be ordering some more bits and pieces soon!!

I was in hospital today for PUVA round 13 and my session lasted 1 min 16 seconds!!!!!!!  I'm getting a lovely tan now and gone so freckly!!! When I got home from the hospital I put some makeup on and I used my Inglot palette and one of my Catrice eyeshadows.  I've been using the Catrice Lash Growth serum and mascara for the last week and maybe its all in my head but I think my lashes are FINALLY starting to grow back properly and thicken up!!

You can't really see the glitter very well here but its looks so cute in real life!

My goodies!

Ben 10 edible decorations!

Blue edible glitter!

Multicolour edible glitter!

Hydrangea buttercream!

Inglot and Catrice FOTD!

Are my lashes growing at last??

I hope you all have a good weekend!
Thanks again for reading and staying in touch with my journey!! I never thought I would be writing about makeup, baking and cancer but thems the breaks I suppose!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quick post...... Inglot FOTD

Well, I am only in LOVE with Inglot these days! I can't get enough of it! I have 2 of the 10 palettes now and HOPEFULLY will be getting another one for my birthday next week!  I have been using my newer palette every day for almost a week now and this is todays look!!  I'm not sure of the numbers but I used a light shimmery pink, a couple of shimmery greys and some purple!  I really can't say enough about these eyeshadows, I used to think the Mac ones were amazing but these are less than half the price and equally as good if not better!  My Mac palette cost over €200 to put together and that was for 15 eyeshadows but only about half the product that you get in the square Inglot shadows!  A 10 square Inglot palette is €55 but at the minute you can get 20% off with the Meteor goodie bag which makes it an even better €44 for 10 eyeshadows! What a bargain!!
What Inglot products do you have and what would you recommend trying??

My 2nd 10 palette, I thought I'd get a few bright colours to mix with the smokey ones!

My first Inglot palette my sister bought me!

My first 10 palette! I went for darker smokier colours!

Still haven't got the liner right but I'm practicing every day!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rocking Red Lips??

Well, I finally broke the minute mark in my light treatment yesterday! It was my 12th session and it was for 1min 4 seconds!  My skin is clearing up so well and I can't put into words how happy I am to be able to wear short sleeves!! Unfortunately, the weather has been mostly crap so I have to wear long sleeves either way!  Its nice to be able to sit down and not worry about leaving a pile of flakes when I stand up again!!

My camogie team had a really close and tough semi final last week against Carnew but thankfully we won by 1-9 to 1-5!  We now play in the Intermediate Championship final against Kilcoole on Saturday 24th September so hopefully my next camogie update will be a celebratory one!!

I finally got my hair trimmed up at the back, G's cousin Suzanne done it for me yesterday evening so its easier to manage now!  My plan is to keep getting it cut at the bottom and let the top part grow down!! Its a slow process and the curls can be kinda annoying but its getting there slooooowly!  I've started to pin my fringe to the side to try tame it so it seems to be working!!  I tried to straighten it with a mini straightener but as you can see from the photo below it just stood straight up!!!

Ryan is still not in the best of form and Aaron was sick for a few days too but he's back to himself again and hopefully Ryan will be better soon too!

I turn 31 this day next week, can't believe how quickly the past year has gone in and how much has happened!  I don't have any exciting plans, just to spend some time with the 3 men in my life!!  A surprise or 2 would be nice though too!! ;)

I finally got around to ordering some proper food colouring and some new glitter so I cant wait for them to arrive so I can make some fairy cakes!   I've been watching Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes on tv so I want to try out a few things!  Aaron has informed me that he wants us to open a cupcake bakery when he's 8!! I have a cheesecake in the fridge so I can't wait til that's set! yum yum!!

The Wicklow Intermediate Camogie Championship Finalists!!

I attempted to straighten my hair................ THIS was the result!!!!!

I've been doing more neutral eyes and bright lips lately!!

Another look using my newer Inglot palette!
Red lips today, but I'm not sure if it suits me!!