Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mammy!

Today is my mammy's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!!!
Yesterday I went to hospital for my light treatment and myself and Sam (and Callum) took a detour to Dundrum on the way home as mammy had given me some money as an early birthday present to buy myself an Inglot palette!! I LOVE Inglot eyeshadows!  
Ryan is still sick but seems to be in better form than he was but now Aaron is sick too!! Hopefully they'll be back to normal soon!! :(
This is just a quick post with some pics of my makeup from yesterday and today, using my new palette and some pictures of the shadows I picked! I'm sorry I haven't a clue of the numbers of the numbers!!

Coffee cake I made for mammys birthday!

The Inglot palette mammy got me as an early birthday present!

Bottom row of Inglot palette swatched on L-R: no base, Elf primer, Avon white pencil and Barry M Black pencil

Top row of palette swatched L-R as above!

Look how brown I am from my light treatment! First EVER tan!

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