Monday, September 19, 2011

Inglot Birthday haul.. part 1

As you already know, its my birthday this week so G told me he would buy me some more Inglot makeup!  We went to Dundrum early on Sunday (Man Utd were playing Chelsea at 4 so we had to make sure we got home for that!!) and he gave me €100 and told me to spend what I wanted! I decided to get a round palette and some lip colours but I ended up getting a brow wax and a concealer too.  The Meteor 20% discount is still on so its great value!  The lip colours are really pigmented and you only need a tiny bit to cover your lips!  You can also mix them to make your own colours which more than doubles your collection!!  I went for 4 pinky colours and 4 nude/browny colours.  I also got another eyeshadow palette which I'll post pictures of later!  In total I spend €72 so G told me to keep the change!! Whoop whoop!!  I met Little Kiva from Youtube who was working there and she gave me a voucher for a free makeup lesson so I'll hopefully get to use it before christmas!!

I had a mini heart attack while I was picking out my goodies, G had gone off for a walk with Ryan and Aaron had stayed with me.  I turned around and he had disappeared which is something Aaron would NEVER do!! I started to panic and looked all around but couldn't see him anywhere!  Then, I spotted him over at the ice cream stand with G, who had came back and didn't tell me!! I think my heart skipped a few beats, really scared the life out of me!!  I'm always so careful to keep him close to me when we're out in busy places, there are so many weirdos out there these days!!  Anyway, I hope you like these photos!

Todays eyeshadow!

The top right is a brow wax and bottom right is a concealer!

I didn't post a pic of this on me as I couldn't get a nice photo! It would look better mixed with another colour!

I mixed a couple of colours together to wear today so this is how it turned out:


  1. That palette looks fab. You got a great range of colours :) x

  2. I think the raspberry/red colour looks great on you

  3. Thank you!! I'm not sure about the red colour but I think I like it!!!