Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail Varnish is my new Mascara!!

So, as you know I'm down to the bare bones when it comes to my eylashes and I'm afraid to put mascara on the scrawny few I have left.  To distract myself I've been putting more of an effort into my nails!! 

Today I'm wearing Rimmel Peppermint nail varnish with OPI black shatter over it.  Its still a bit wet so I hope I don't ruin it typing this!!  It lasts (and looks) a lot better with a coat of clear nail varnish too!  I took some pictures of my make up today because I haven't done it a lot lately.  You can see for yourself how many eyelashes I have left!! My eyeshadow today is Boots 17 'style queen' and Barry M shade 66 which is a REALLY dark black and I'm loving it lately!!  As you can see my hair is coming back really well and I'm delighted (even though there's so many greys I look like a badger!!).  My eyebrows are really coming back too and thicker than they were before, I must take some pics tomorrow morning before I put my make up on!

I know I could probably go out without my wig on now but I'm actually a bit nervous about it!! I've been bald since 1st January and its almost May now!! Plus I like how I look wearing my wig even though it itches the crap out of me!! My eyes have been fairly itchy since my eyelashes fell out, especially when I'm wearing contacts so I bought some drops this morning, hope it helps!!  
Great first leg from Manchester United the other night, lets hope they can keep a clean sheet at Old Trafford next week and head to the final in Wembley next month!! The other semi last night was real handbags stuff altogether!!
Anyway, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and hang out some more washing!! :o)


  1. Hi there! I actually like the very short hair on you! It looks very cool and rebel!

    P.s. You have gorgeous eyes :) xx