Friday, July 1, 2011

My recent make up purchases and train case!

I've been very bold lately and have bought a bit too much make up! Now it wasn't expensive or anything so i don't feel TOO bad about it but I thought I'd take some pics and show you! I also took some photos of my train case now that its all tidy! Get ready for lots of pictures!!!! The first one is just me and Aaron joking around with the DS the other evening and we finally figured out how to upload the pics straight to Facebook! Aaron keeps asking me can he join Facebook and I told him he can when he's a teenager!!
Back up to hospital next Thursday to see my oncologist AND dermatologist so it'll be a long day! Hopefully it'll be all good news! :o)
Me and Aaron were messing around with the DS!!

Essence goodies!  2 liquid eyeliners, lipstick, mascara and glittery topcoat nail varnish!

The liquid liners

Nail colours requested by Aaron! Yellow base with a pink shatter!

Crackle polish I found in New Look! Haven't came across a silver yet so looking forward to trying it out!

Eyeko lip/cheek balm, found these in TK Max! It was a 3 pack but I gave my sister one of them!


More eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras

Foundation, blusher, glitters etc

Nail Varnish collection!

A couple of my palettes!

Got this in Argos but haven't tried it yet!

I went to see Transformers 3 on Wednesday night and it was FANTASTIC!!!! We seen it in 3d and the special effects were AMAZING!!
Aaron got his holidays from school yesterday, hard to believe he's finished his first year already! We got his report card in the post yesterday and he was really good apart from "being a bit chatty!" He got all very goods and excellents so I'm really proud of my big boy!  G was supposed to be bringing him to see Transformers tonight as a treat but isn't feeling too well so now apparently I'm bringing him instead! Won't hear me complaining! Popcorn and hot nuts - yum yum!!

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