Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday morning!

Mac Saint Germain lipstick.......... SUPER BRIGHT!

Hi everyone!!
Well, its Monday again and yet another hectic weekend! There was a trip to the vets for Rooney's injections, trips to Dublin, baking and lots more! On Friday morning myself and Sam had our beauty salon open again, Edel and Eleanor were going to a wedding so we done their hair and make up for them! One of these days I'm going to do a make up course and go pro!!!
Myself and Aaron done some baking yesterday evening and tried out some cupcakes we seen on Youtube...... they turned out well and he brought a couple in for his teachers this morning so I hope they like them!! He's getting his holidays on Thursday so we might go to the cinema or something to celebrate!  Really can't wait for Wednesday night, myself and G are going to see Transformers 3! Lets hope its as good as the other 2! The trailers look brilliant anyway so fingers crossed!!
Todays make up is fairly neutral because I bought Mac "St Germain" lipstick a while back and haven't had much opportunity to wear it because its an EXTREMELY bright pink colour! I'm practicing my liquid liner every day now because I'm really wobbly at it and want to get better at it!  I'm hoping to get an Inglot palette soon, Meteor are doing a 20% off voucher with their goodie bag promotion so a 10 palette would only be €44 instead of €55.  They have a fantastic range of colours and are EXCELLENT quality!  They're actually cheaper than Mac and the square eyeshadows are bigger too! 

So I went for my first hair cut and colour on Thursday and seeing as it was the first time I said I would go to Peter Mark and have it done.  Nearly had a heart attack when I went to pay though.... they charged me €70!!!! I suppose I really should have said something but typical Irish I kept my mouth shut and handed over my laser card!! I'll be doing it myself next time!
I was really happy that all the greys were covered but ended up having to trim it another bit when I got home cos there was a few sticky out bits but at least I can keep it trimmed now myself while it grows!

Eleanor and Edel!

Todays nails inspired by Xsparkage!

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