Monday, June 13, 2011

15 days wigless!!

I haven't worn my wig for over 2 weeks now!! I've been wearing a hat or going without it and even though I have a load of grey hair I couldn't care less.  I HAVE HAIR!!!! I do feel a bit self conscious going out without a wig or hat because I'm not used to people actually looking at my short hair - which is really curly by the way!!- but I'm not wearing the wig any more and thats that!  Aaron asked me what should he say if any of his friends ask why my hair is so short but I told him that some women have hair this short and just tell them that I got my hair cut! I said he didn't have to tell them any more than that! He's gone very worried about me though, I recently spent a night in A&E with mammy and when G came to collect us Aaron thought that I was in hospital because 'my bad cells were back'! The poor pet!
We had a lovely first wedding anniversary, mammy cooked us dinner in my sisters house and it was great to get dinner handed up to you for a change!
I got an appointment to see my dermatologist in Vincents in July, my psoriasis is really gone out of control and is gone so sore when I move, its rubbing off all of my clothes now and I can't even wear jeans any more! The appointment was originally supposed to be in September but I couldn't wait that long so I asked my doctor if she could get me an earlier appointment because I'm so sore and flaking EVERYWHERE!! I'm constantly wiping down chairs after myself to make sure I'm not leaving bits of myself behind!
Hopefully they'll be able to do something different for me as I just don't think creams are going to work for me any more!! 

Only 16 days to go now til TRANSFORMERS 3 is released! I can't wait and the trailers look amazing!! I have mammy booked to babysit already because I want to go see it the day its released!

Haven't taken pics of my make up the last few days, been too busy spending time with my 3 boys (well, 4 if you count Rooney!!) but I did finally apply for a driving test the other day! I'm fed up walking everywhere and now I want to be able to drive!!! I have to go get passport photos taken so I'll have to make sure that I spend plenty of time on my hair! ((SNIGGER!!))

Thats all for now, thanks for reading!!! :o)

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