Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't know what to call this!!

Took a notion to do a bit of baking today - I'm starting to think I'm addicted to it!! I decided to do some half madeira, half chocolate fairy cakes (my good friend Jackie made some a while back so I eventually got around to trying them out!!).  They only took ten mins to mix up and I was putting them in the oven just as G came in the door for his lunch!! Perfect timing!! And they taste lovely too!! As usual the lads all tore into them so there's only a couple left now! :-)
What should I try next I wonder?? I really enjoy baking, pity I can't say the same for cooking!

I'm booked in for my first colour and cut on Thursday, can't wait to get it fixed up and hopefully the colour will turn out ok!! Fingers crossed!
Stupid weather would have you driven cuckoo! Sooner the better I get driving! I can't believe I just typed that!!! But its true, I'm fed up not being able to go places, especially when its raining and I don't want to drag Ryan out!
I put most of my make up into my new train case so I must take some photos now that its all organised and tidy!! I love it but its REALLY heavy when its full so you wouldn't want to be lugging it up and down stairs too often!

Don't know why this is all blurry!!

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