Thursday, June 9, 2011

Got my laptop back!!!

I finally have my laptop back up and running! I ended up buying a charger on Amazon for it and it was half the price of the ones here in Arklow! Its great to have it back and hopefully it will keep working for another while until I get a new one!
I'm excited today because I'm scouting on Ebay (finally!!) for a big make up case! It was our wedding anniversary yesterday so G asked me what I'd like and thats what I said I wanted!! I would have loved a new laptop but thats a bit too much to ask!! So I'm finally going to get myself one!
I got some FREE make up off the brilliant Barry M the other day which was so nice!! They sent me 2 dazzle dusts, a purple nail varnish, eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner!! I'm wearing the eyeliner and the dark blue/black dazzle dust today!  I know I've said it before but these eyeshadows are fantastic and I'd really recommend them to anyone!! They're available in Boots in Jervis St and Blanchardstown too and they are really reasonably priced and last FOREVER!!!!
We got our puppy after too!! He's a golden retriever and we named him Rooney! We've had him 2 weeks now and he's almost 10 weeks old and its like having 3 children now! Or 4 if you include G!! He's gorgeous though and he's a big ball of fluff!! I've done an updated video on my hair re-growth too because I've been finished chemo for 16 weeks now!!

Today's make up!!


My Barry M freebies!!

Rooney again!

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