Friday, July 22, 2011

My sitting room = FINISHED!!!!

I posted last week about my sitting room being done up and I was complaining about how long it was taking.  Well, now its finished and I'm so happy with it and feel really bad for giving G such a hard time about getting it all finished! Here's the (almost) finished room!  There's just the skirting boards to be varnished now and then its done! Its so nice to be able to sit down and relax after being without a sitting room for 2 weeks! My lovely brother in law Darren done all the plastering and woodwork and helped with the wallpapering too! He's a jack of all trades! Thanks D!!  The whole family chipped in and I'm really grateful to every one of you, especially to G cos I know I gave him an earful every day about getting it all done quickly for me!

The canvas will be going up on the wall!

The canvas picture that you can see in the photos is one that I won a few weeks ago in Hickeys pharmacy here in Arklow and I love how it turned out! 
I've been picking up purple bits here, there and everywhere the last few days! Got some nice stuff in TK Maxx, I love the stuff in there but just haven't the patience sometimes to root around!

I still have to get a curtain pole and put my curtains up and then thats it!!  It really doesn't look like the same room any more and its great!  Thats the whole house dry lined now and replastered, our room is the only one left to be done now so we'll be bunking in with Aaron while thats being done!  We also painted our hall after it being plastered 2 years ago and we never got any further than doing a white undercoat so now its been painted "Cookie Dough"! I've never been into brown but I actually like it!

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