Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Write or not to Write!!

So, I'm half thinking of writing a book...... I've read a couple of books by people my age who've gotten breast cancer and I think I'd like to get my story out there too!!  I haven't posted any make up looks in a while but will try get back into it SOON!!  My psoriasis has been acting up lately and my eyebrows and nose look very flaky, team that with my drawn on eyebrows and it just gets me down altogether!!!
My tattoo is all healed up now so I thought I'd post a picture of it!!  Also my hair is coming back big time but you'll have to excuse the flaky scalp, I'm working on getting it cleared up so I can go wigless!!!

My lovely husband turned 31 yesterday so of course I had to make him a cake.......

I call it the "Gutbuster" due to all the calories in it!!! It tasted yummy but you wouldn't be able too eat much!!!  I'll post the recipe if any of you are interested in it!!

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