Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow!!!

Well, where do I start??  Last weekend: A BRILLIANT weekend all round!  Avoca are the Intermediate League Champions 2011!!! On Sunday 8th May we beat Carnew 3-13 to 0-2 and the girls played a fantastic game!! Pics and write up here:
Next is the Championship which kicks off on 28th of June so I can't wait for that!!!  Really really proud to be part of such a fantastic team!!
Me & Kathleen!

Captain Hannah Fahy

Tanya and Hannah!

Then to top it all off, Man United beat Chelsea 2-1!

This weekend was even better! Haven't had a minute to scratch myself since Thursday!!
Thursday morning: had blood tests and ecg done because of my heart going fast on me.  The doctor said there was an extra couple of beats but nothing to worry about.  Should have the blood test results tomorrow so hopefully everything will come back ok!  Thursday afternoon I was back up in Vincents for my 6 month check up after my operation with my doctor Ms Rothwell who was very pleased with me so I have to go for a mammogram in October and then back to her in November.
Friday was my lovely godson Shaun Roche's confirmation and we had a great day, even the rain couldn't put a dampener on it! Aaron came out after school and spent the day on the bouncy castle so he had a ball!
Saturday: Manchester United drew 1-1 with Blackburn Rovers which means that we are the CHAMPIONS for the 19th time!! Whoop Whoop!!!!! Then G played in the Charlie Byrne cup final with Conary United against Charlesland and they won 3-0! My cousin Stephen and uncle Eddie both scored and the lads played great! G got knocked out but got up and played on like the soldier that he is! They went out last night after the match and he's suffering today big time between pains from the match and the hangover!!!
Jedward didn't win the Eurovision but they done us proud, its all a fix anyway - they will have to do something about the voting system or people are going to stop watching it!
Absolutely wrecked today and am going to bed as soon as I've finished this!  Didn't get dressed or put make up on today until about 3pm when we went for a walk to the park. Had a lovely chinese and some chocolate - yum yum!!!!!
Conary United!

I wore some individual false lashes to the confirmation! This picture isn't great so will try add more from the camera tomorrow!

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