Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a few pics!

Friday again and its been another busy day!! Doctors appointments, getting photos printed out, bringing Aaron to school and collecting him and a trip to McDonalds!
I went to the doctor because my heart has been going fairly fast now and again so I've to get some blood tests and an ECG done.  Also I'm going to be referred to my dermatologist because my psoriasis is really bad so that will mean more trips to Vincents (as if I'm not up there enough already!!)
So I put the shatter polish on top of yesterdays blue nails and its amazing how the different colours turned out! I bought the pink one in Dublin last week (the last one they had left!) and I'm hoping to get the blue and white online in the next week or two! 
My everyday box!!

Look at my hair go!! Whoop Whoop!

Would look better if taken with a camera, you can't see the colours very well here!

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