Monday, May 23, 2011

Make Up photos and video!!!

Well, I finally got around to doing another video!!! Its uploading to Youtube at the minute and I'll add it in as soon as its done! I went out to dinner on friday night for my friend Stefanie's 30th birthday and although I was only out for a couple of hours I had a great time! We went to a chinese I hadn't been to before and although ordering the food was a bit like bingo (you had to add up how much of everything everyone wanted) it was lovely!! Then on Saturday Aaron had a birthday party for his friend Daniel from school and then Saturday night myself and G went to our friend Paddy's 30th birthday party! I'm going to post a photo of his brilliant cake that my wonderful friend Karina Healy made! Still kinda scary to think that we're not going to 21sts any more, all our friends are 30 now!!!
I had a mad notion Friday evening and cut a fringe into my longer wig - its a bit hard to get used to but I like it!  Aaron told me that I looked like Lady GaGa!! He still doesn't want me to collect him from school with short hair but I told him that I won't be wearing the wig for much longer and that a lot of women have hair that is really short!!
I've had a couple of horrible comments on my hairloss video on youtube - there sure are some weird people out there but to be honest it doesn't bother me, I just feel sorry for them!!
Manchester United lifted the Premier League trophy yesterday, it was great to see them lifting it again and it was a happy day here in the Geraghty house!!
Lastly - and maybe the most exciting news!!! - is that I have finally convinced G to get a puppy!!! Both of us had big dogs when we were younger so we're looking at getting a golden retriever! It'll be great for the lads to grow up with! We've looked at some pictures and will hopefully be going to see them soon!! :o)

I'm having some trouble uploading photos at the minute so I may add them in later because I'm using my sisters laptop and its as slow as a wet week!!!! :o)
Foundation on!

My DIY fringe!

Loads of Hair!!

Look at my eyelashes!! :)

New Barry M eyeshadows!

Using my new Barry M eyeshadows!!

My sister in law Edel, I done her make up for her cousins wedding!

G's aunty  Karen, I done her make up too!

Edel and Karen!

Edel and my beautiful niece Hannah!!

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