Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a difference an eyebrow makes..........

So I was up at 5am this morning cleaning up Aaron's sick and although I am wrecked, the sun is shining and its put me in a good mood!! Ew, just noticed a spider running across the wall out of the corner of my eye!!!
I decided to take before and after pics of my eyebrows this morning and show the difference it makes when they're filled in, especially now that they're in short supply!!  I'll do a video in the next few days on it!! :o)


  1. You look beautiful! what a nice light smokey eye for the day! Your eyes are so gorgeous, I always wanted light eyes! I totally know what you mean about spiders! Our city planted really nice trees years ago but they tend to have 9340938420930 spiders in them lol it's horrible! you can walk out and walk into one falling down. Yeah, not good. lol

  2. Thanks Ale... I'm jealous of your dark eyes!!!!!! Have tried contacts but they just make me look like my eyeballs are popping out!!!!!