Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let me introduce myself!!

Hi there..........
My name's Jacinta and I'm 30. I'm married to the best man in the world AKA G and have 2 boys, Aaron who is 5 and Ryan who is 1.  A few months ago I found out I had breast cancer.  Since then I've had reconstructive surgery and am currently undergoing chemotherapy.  At the minute I'm bald and my eyebrows are fairly thin on the ground (my husband would tell you they've always been that way!!).  I'm a self confessed make up addict and rarely leave the house without at least mascara, eyeliner and filled in eyebrows! Since being diagnosed with cancer though I rely on make up more than ever and thats why I've decided to start a blog and give you all some hints, tips and tricks to help YOU face the world, whether you have cancer or not!!!

Here are some pics of my hair loss....
Ok, I hope you're all ready for this......... me without make up or wig!! Can't actually believe I'm doing this.....

 And here I am with my wig and warpaint!!

So, here I am, pleased to meet you all....... feel free to ask any questions! I'll be hopefully doing some videos and putting up step by step pictures of how to fill in your eyebrows and do your make up (have to learn to do a video first though so bear with me!!)


  1. Jacinta, you look just beautiful xxx

  2. You look gorgeous jacinta ! You're a very brave and couageous person and an inspiration !!