Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday already!!

Hey there!!
Can't believe its Friday AGAIN!!!! Where are the weeks going!! Busy week coming up next week, hospital appointment with Ryan on Monday, hospital to get my bloods done on Wednesday and then chemo on Thursday.  Last time I was only 2 and a half hours so hopefully will be the same this time! Its another horrible day out today, that rotten misty rain that you get soaked in!!
Looking forward to tonight, meeting all the mad Doyle women in Nana's for a few drinks and a chinese!!  Bought myself a new pair of boots this morning, had been after a pair of flat ones to wear with leggings for ages but never got round to getting some!!
I'm starting to grow a bit of hair again, have a light fuzz on my head now, think its still the same colour as it used to be but time will tell!! 
Today's make up is blue and green with a black base!!

New Boots!


  1. OMG this look is gorgeous and what did you use?! and your boots look hot & comfy! I need a pair like those. Btw the hair looks great w/ your hat!

  2. I used Mac sharkskin shadestick as a base and then Deep Truth and Shimmermoss!!!
    Thats my sisters hat...... she left here one day so its now officially mine!!!!! haha!!