Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I can't believe its August already! I was thinking yesterday that I had seen a lot of St Vincents in the last 6 months when I realised its already been 10 months since I was diagnosed! That time has flown by!! Aaron only has 3 more weeks off after this week and then he'll be off to senior infants!  I was driving again on Monday and G had me going around roundabouts and everything! I'm getting better and hopefully will be confident enough to be out on the roads soon!
I was back in hospital yesterday for my 2nd round of light treatment and I had 15 seconds again but do you know what?  I think its working!! It seems to be less red and not as flaky looking so hopefully it will clear up fairly quickly for me! Fingers crossed! My friend Aimee drove me up yesterday so it was great to have someone to chat to and not be billy-no-mates on the bus!  We decided to go to Dundrum after for a quick spin because I hadn't had any breakfast and was starving at this stage!
It only took a few minutes to get to Dundrum from the hospital and the second we walked in we were at the INGLOT stand! It was like fate!!!  I had a 20% off text from the Meteor goodie bag so I decided to get a 10 square palette in smokey colours.  For anyone who doesn't know how Inglot work its fairly simple, they call it the 'freedom system' and you can pick round eyeshadows, square ones, or you can have a mix of eyeshadows and lip stuff or even face stuff! They have all different kinds of magnetic palettes and the metal pans just pop into them!  Its brilliant and they are a lot cheaper than Mac but are even better quality I think!  The 10 palette was €55 but with the discount it was only €44 which isn't bad for a palette and ten eyeshadows! My Mac palette which has 15 eyeshadows was over €200 and the eyeshadows were smaller than the Inglot ones!

We went into Hairspray which is a wig/hair/nail shop and I spotted these nail varnishes which were only €3 each!  I had seen a China Glaze neon yellow colour and this looked fairly similar so I thought I'd try it out!  I only realised when I got home that I have a Catrice pink that almost the same!  Why do I always do that?????

And of course we had to run into Boots and I picked these up! The lip gloss is lovely and I have it on in the pictures below! The crayon is gorgeous and has glittery bits in it, I'll do swatches of it later!

Today I'm wearing 17 Foundation which I found in EXTRA FAIR!! First time I've ever seen that and I was delighted! It doesn't cover all my freckles or anything but I thought I'd give it a go and its not too bad! On my eyes I have the silver, purple, white and black from my Inglot palette with Essence mascara and Bourjois Ultra black eyeliner.  I have my ELF blusher on and the new Barry M lipgloss!

I have now put a ban on myself for at least one month from buying ANY make up!  I do NOT need any more!!


  1. That foundation is a lovely match for your skin Jess, love the inglot palette, think I will have to ask for one for christmas off my dad and Peter :)

  2. Yeah its nice and pale, just like me!!!!! Oh you NEED to get one of those palettes, just looking at all the colours makes me go weak at the knees!! I'm definitely asking G for a 40 palette for christmas!!

  3. I love the inglot palettes too .. the magnetic covers are great.
    When the BAN is off you'll have to try some of the Essence range its really good .. I'm a new convert, great mascaras and lipglosses and cheap as chips!

  4. @thegreenumbrella...... Inglot is fab all right!! I actually have some Essence stuff already and love it!!! Onto day 3 of my ban so I'm doing well!!!