Friday, October 7, 2011

Polish it behind the door!

I've become a bit of a nail polish addict lately!! I have read a few posts this week about a new Essence polish called Blue Addicted which is a good dupe for a Deborah Lippmann (Who I've honestly never heard of but I have read that the polishes are expensive so thats good enough for me!) polish.  I thought it looked lovely in the photos so I picked up a couple of bottles ( I may be doing a giveaway soon!!) and a few other bits and pieces! The Essence range is just soooo affordable that its hard to spend too much on it!  I have picked up 9 polishes this week and in total they cost me......... €10.74!  I read a blog post by the lovely Karen from Lovely Girly Bits and had to pick up the 2 golden nail polishes she recommended and you can see them in the nail pics I have posted!  I also spent ten minutes taking it back off an hour later after walking the dog because my hands were in bits from holding the lead!!  I then decided to re-do them with another 2 of my new Essence polishes and ended up with a lovely sparkly blue that looks so much better than in the photos! I really have to ask santa for a new camera, my one really doesn't take great photos!

I'm  also posting some photos of my makeup over the last week... I hope you like it!!

Todays makeup.... Catrice and Collection 2000 pinks!

I used this on my nails today and it actually works!!

I've used this the last couple of days and it seems to be really good!!

I'm wearing this mascara in the top photo in this post! I like it!!

L-R:  Nail Art drops, Cool and the Gang, Clear as Ice, Fall for Me, Space Queen

L-R:  Blue Addicted (X2), Irreplaceable, Make it Golden, Rich & Pretty

2 Coats of Make it Golden over 2 coats of Irreplaceable!

Hooray! My eyelashes are looking so much better these days!!


  1. love the gold flake looking polish and the blue, and those nail drops since sometimes I smudge my polish, I'm def gonna have to pick up them. Love your looks too, your looking great

  2. ps I have that sky blue essence polish, I love it got complimented on it a few times :)

  3. The rainbow color looks amazing on your eyelids! I love this look! Great Post :)

  4. Thank you Katherine! I done this rainbow on my sister for a halloween party she was going to but forgot to take photos!
    Amanda, isn't it impossible to pass the Essence stand without buying something?? haha