Thursday, May 30, 2013

FOTD: Club Tropicana

I actually like my makeup today, that's not something I say very often but today it's true!  After dumping the Catrice shadow yesterday I had a gander through my train case and plucked out this beauty by Collection 2000 (or Collection as they are now known).  I really love the colour and I'm always a sucker for shimmery eyeshadow! So, meet Sugarplum!

Apologies for the horrible sellotape on the container but don't let that distract you from it's beauty!  Now, onto today's face!  It's a beautiful summers day and I wanted to create something to reflect that.  I don't know about you lot but my mood is always much better when the sun is shining! 

I know my eyeliner still isn't the mae west and I'm not sure if it ever will be but I will just keep on trying til I get it right!  I hope you've enjoyed this post because I'm feeling good about myself today and that's not something that happens regularly for me lately so any feedback would be good!