Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Changing it up again!

Well, for the past month or so I've been using my Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and my Mac Hello Kitty palette but I feel like it's time for a change!  This morning I opened up my train case and had a look at my stash.  I almost reached for my trusty Inglot palette stack but I restrained myself and instead I picked up some of my loose eyeshadows, which have been really neglected lately! I picked out my 3 Mac pigments, Violet, Mutiny and Blonde's Gold, as well as my Lancome eyeshadow, Fil D'Argent, which I won before Christmas, a rose gold Catrice called Gilbert's Grapefruit and lastly a Barry M Dazzle Dust in shade number 53, a lovely dark brown shimmery shadow which I can't even remember using before! I also took out one of my 2 Mac lipsticks, a lovely neutral shade called Hug Me.  Hopefully I'll get some nice looks using all these and actually remember to take a photo or two!

Today's makeup, excuse the frizzy hair, it's really gone back the way it used to be now and I never thought I'd be glad to see my frizzy bits again!


  1. You look fab x I love the look of the Catrice & Lancome shadows, really pretty shades.

    1. The Catrice shadow went in the bin this morning after I remembered the awful fallout from it!! Haha! Thanks! :)