Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adios Gilbert's Grapefruit!

This morning I sat down to do my makeup and I decided to do a look that was fairly neutral.  As soon as I took the Gilbert's Grapefuit Catrice eyeshadow out and started to apply it, there was glittery bits everywhere!!!!! It really went all over the place and I suddenly remembered why it had been relegated to my train case.  I used it seeing as I had it out then I lobbed it into the bin so I can't make the same mistake again!  I'm going to root out another eyeshadow to replace the Catrice one and hopefully it won't make as much of a mess!

So here's a look at my face today, the photos were taken on my mobile because my camera battery (which lasts forever) died on me yesterday and of course I forgot to charge it!

I mixed my Barry M white foundation with my Catrice photo finish to lighten it and match it to my ultra pale skin.  Then I applied some Mac Painterly paintpot as a base and put on the offending shadow, then added some of the dark brown Barry M dazzle dust on the outer corners and blended it in.  I (badly) applied some Essence liquid liner, filled in my eyebrows with a brown Inglot eyeshadow, put on some NYC mascara, used Avon Flash eyeliner on my waterline and finally blended some NYC cream blush into my cheeks!

You'll have to excuse my puffy eyes in this photo, we had a sick kiddo last night so there wasn't much sleep to be had!

Close up of my eyes and badly applied eyeliner!!

I have an appointment this evening in the dental clinic to see if I can be referred by the HSE to have my wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic so I'm fairly nervous about it as I don't like going to the dentist at ALL!

It's my sister in law's hen night in just over 3 weeks time so I'm flat out organising everything as I'm Chief Bridesmaid!  The wedding is in 10 weeks time and I'm really looking forward to it but also really nervous as I've never been a bridesmaid before!

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