Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gold Medal Award! Another catch up post!

Seeing as the Olympics is happening at the minute, I thought I would award myself with a gold medal for the worlds worst blogger event!!!  I know its been absolutely AGES since I posted and half of you probably think I'm dead or something but I'm still here and in one piece!!

My nipple reconstruction went really well and I've healed up quickly as I always have before but unfortunately my nipple has almost flattened completely and I was warned that this could happen so I was half expecting it really because anything that can go wrong usually does when it comes to me!!  I'm due back up to hospital in a couple of days for my 6 week check up and if they ask if I want to try the operation again I don't think I'm going to bother.  I've coped with one nipple for almost 2 years now and don't really see what difference its going to make, I really don't care either way to be honest!!  There are more important things at the minute!

I attended the spondyloarthropathy clinic (bone and joint clinic, its a real word, I promise you!!) last week and went through all my aches and pains with the doctor.  He examined all my joints and read through all the blood results and xray results that I had brought with me.  He said that he thought it was Psoriatic Arthritis and called in one of his colleagues to get a second opinion.  Of course, his colleague DIDN'T think it was Ps A, he thought it was something else and ordered more blood tests and xrays of my hands and feet.  I was told to come back in a month and we'll take it from there!  I'm really in limbo at the minute, the anti-inflammatories my GP gave me aren't doing much to kill the pain and its really gone painful walking anywhere! I'm walking on the outside of my feet as leaning on them hurts like hell and my back is absolutely in ribbons!  My hands are gone really sore and even things like pushing the buggy are agony, peeling veg and stuff is horrible too!  I know I shouldn't be complaining because I know that other people out there are going through much worse but its just so awful and I really feel like an old woman at the minute!!  

I haven't been doing a lot of baking lately, have made a few cupcakes here and there when my hands aren't so painful but I think my days of spending 8 hours on a cake are well and truly over!!

Here are some recent photos of what has been going on;

Michael and Michelle on their wedding day!

Me and my lovely hubby!

Cait, Michelle and me!

Me and Michelle, we've known each other since we were about 8, she's standing on a chair here!!

Hair growth update! July 2012

Aaron getting his full yellow belt in Eagle Martial Arts from sensei Julie McHale

Aaron and Ryan!

Thats about all for now, just wanted to check in with everyone and keep you up to date!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your joint pain, hopefully at your next appointment they will be able to give you some proper information and treatment, to come through so much and still be in pain is so unfair. You're a brave and positive lady, and I don't know how you do it! Congrats to Aaron, and I have to say even though you may not be feeling 100%, you look fantastic. Take care xx