Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ebay goodies Part 2!

The last of my eBay orders arrived this morning. I had seen on and Cherry Sues blog that Essence are bringing out some nail art 'fruit' slices in one of their upcoming collections and was intrigued to find out more. Some Googling and Ebaying later I discovered that you can buy strips of these for half nothing on eBay and 'slice' to your desired thickness before applying to your nails. Obviously the thinner you cut them the more you will get from each 'cane' but I got 100 of the 5cm canes in various shapes and colours for about €3 including shipping! I'm looking forward to trying these out and will post some pics when i do! My sister cut a couple just to see what they looked like so excuse the crappy cutting on them! ;)

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