Friday, February 17, 2012

Step by Step Tutorial, my everyday look and new brushes!

I just did a quick step by step photo tutorial on how I've been doing my everyday makeup lately!

First, I apply foundation to the back of my hand and apply it to my face using a stippling foundation brush (more on this brush at the bottom of the page!) using circular motions until your foundation is well blended in.

 I've been using this Catrice Infinite Matt foundation lately and have just bought a 2nd bottle of it because I really like how it looks on my skin.  Its the lightest shade (010 Light Beige) and at €6.99 a bottle its hard to beat!!
When my foundation is on I usually fill in my eyebrows using a dark brow matt eyeshadow and an angled brush.  Between years of using creams for psoriasis and the chemo I had last year my eyebrows aren't very noticeable any more so I like to fill them in!

Next I put some Too Faced Shadow Insurance on my eyes to stop it creasing or disappearing from my eyes!  I've been using this Collection 2000 Peep Show eyeshadow palette for the last couple of weeks, its really great and best of all it was FREE when you bought the mascara!  The 4 colours are great for creating neutral looks!  I applied the lightest colour to my eyelids and then added some of the brown on the bottom row to the outside of my eyes and blended it using my new Inglot blending brush.  I sometimes add a little of the black colour to the crease to darken it up, I don't really do the barely there look!!!

 Next I took my new Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in the blackest of black shade 'Perversion' and applied it to my waterline and a small line on the top of my eyelid.  Then I put on my Collection 2000 Peep Show Mascara.

Next step was blusher, I used a small amount of this Catrice one which I've been using every day since I bought it a few months ago!
Then I slapped on some pink lippie (forgot to take a pic!!) and we're done!

I bought some new brushes recently, I was up in Dublin last week so I picked up a couple of brushes in Inglot.  Below is a photo of my new blending brush and stippling brush.  The brushes are so soft and I really love using them!  The foundation brush was €30 and the blending one was €18 (I'm nearly sure it was anyway!) and I used my 20% Meteor discount again so it was €38 altogether which is still much cheaper than Mac!!

I had originally been looking to pick up the newly released Real Techniques stippling brush (€16.59) but the Boots in the Jervis Centre was sold out.  Thanks to the power of Facebook my aunt informed me that they had them in stock in my nearest Boots which is about 20 minutes away and luckily a friend was going there the following day and she kindly picked up one for me! This brush is really something else, its so soft that you just want to pet it (I kid you not! I actually spent about 5 minutes stroking the brush hairs after I got it!!) and I really like how your foundation comes out using it.  The head of the brush is a lot smaller than the Inglot one and is stiffer so you really have a lot of control when you're using it! I'd seriously give this brush 10/10 and have been using it almost every day for the last week!  At just over half the price of the Inglot brush this is well worth the money and I really really recommend you get one if you haven't already!

Just another photo comparing the 2 foundation brushes!

I know this is my longest post in a long time and I appreciate those of you who have stuck with me!  Between hospital appointments and sick bambinos I just haven't had the time lately but hopefully I'll get back into the swing of it soon!

Once again, thanks for reading!


  1. It had never occurred to me before to look into brushes but may have to now!
    The make up is gorgeous and you wear it so well! x

  2. Thanks Sera!! I always tell G he wouldn't fix a car without the right tools so the same applies for me when it comes to brushes! I have a set of fake Mac ones my sister got me last Christmas but you can pick up sets fairly cheap on eBay!! The Real Techniques ones are great too, I want to pick up their eyeshadow one next time I'm in Boots! Elf have some good ones on their site too!

  3. Really good tutorial! love your blog, always happy to meet people from Ireland!
    x Marina

    1. Thanks Marina! Where are you from yourself?

  4. Great tutorial x lovely blog xx wanted to invite you to check out my blog sale xxmaybe we cold follow each other through GFC and bloglovin xx

  5. WOW !! Love this tutorial and you look gorgeous :)

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  6. beautiful :) wish we had catrice products up here in the north! x