Monday, February 13, 2012

Another catch up post!

I had my 2 week post-op checkup on friday and the plastic surgeon was very happy with how rounded my boob looks now so the next stage is to come back in 3 months time to discuss nipple reconstruction!  I know its gonna be a few months before its all done and matching up again but I'm looking forward to it!

I haven't been reading as many blogs lately and I know I haven't done any tutorials in forever but I'm hoping to get back to normal soon! Its almost a year now since I finished chemo but my energy levels are still zero!

Poor Ryan hasn't been well all week, he has a chest infection and his nose is like a tap! He's on the mend now though and after 6 nights of no sleep, we've all slept better the last couple of nights! Aaron had the dose on his 6th birthday the poor pet but thankfully he's ok now too!  However, I'm feeling like death warmed up at the minute and am starting to cough as well so I've started popping pills to try kill it off before it gets too cosy!!  It took me 6 weeks to shift the dose I had before christmas, my immune system must still be low!

I want to post about the new bits I've picked up but may wait til I'm on the laptop as I can't seem to upload photos on my tablet!I've gotten a couple of new brushes which I'm loving!   I got a couple of Inglot brushes and a Real Teachniques one!

I also want to post some photos of the birthday cakes I made for the boys!  G is gonna be 32 next month and I'm going to make him a Man United jersey shaped cake so that should be fun! I'll have to pick up some more red food colouring on ebay and some edible man utd cupcake toppers to use as the crest on the cake!  I'm sitting here trying to think of something nice to bake tomorrow for valentines day, I THINK I'm gonna do a sponge cake with baileys buttercream but that could all change, you never know with me!

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